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Welcome to our list of commonly used terms and functionalities in MainBrainer. Here's a guide that defines and explains the jargon you are likely to encounter.
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All information pertaining to a customer is saved under the entity contact in the MainBrainer CRM.

Contact List

A contact list is quite simply a group of contacts.

Custom Field

Custom fields help you create custom CRM data fields as per the data type that you wish to store in the CRM.

Double Opt-in Signups

In double opt-in signups, customers need to additionally verify their mobile number/ Email address by clicking on a verification link sent to their mobile number/ Email address.

Email Conversion Goal

Email conversion goals help you set conversion goals for your Email campaigns.

Email Double Opt-in Template

Email double opt-in templates help you create the Email you would like to send for signup verification and save it as a template.

Email Sending Goal

An Email sending goal helps you set targets for the delivery parameters and overall performance of an Email sending.

Email Trigger Template

An Email trigger template allows you to save all the details necessary to trigger an Email sending as a template.


Folders help you group similar campaigns under a common folder name.


A goal helps you quantify and set performance targets for your marketing campaigns.

Goal Template

Goal templates help you save target KPI values for your campaigns as a template.

Landing Page

A landing page is an independent web page to which potential customers are redirected when they click through a digital campaign.

Landing Page Conversion Goal

A landing page conversion goal is meant for setting conversion targets for your landing pages.

Landing Page Performance Goal

Landing page performance goals help you set overall performance targets for a landing page.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a metric that quantifies your customer's loyalty and satisfaction.


The word opt-in means seeking the customer’s permission to add them to your marketing list.

Recruitment to List Goal

Recruitment to list goals help you set recruitment channel-specific or overall recruitment targets for your CRM lists or segments.


A segment is a sub-group within a contact list based on certain conditions or criteria. Segments can be static sub-groups or dynamically updating sub-groups based on the segment type chosen at the time of segment creation.

Single Opt-in Signups

In a single opt-in signup process, the customer is added to the CRM as soon as he/she signs up to hear from you.

SMS and Email Unsubscribe Template

SMS and Email unsubscribe templates allow you to create the webpage to which your contacts would be redirected, in case they unsubscribe to hear from you.

SMS Double Opt-in Template

SMS double opt-in templates help you create the SMS you would like to send for signup verification and save it as a template.

SMS Encoding

SMS encoding refers to the act of transforming a text message into a form that can be transmitted to the carrier companies.

SMS Sending Goal

An SMS sending goal helps you set targets for the delivery parameters and overall performance of an SMS sending.

SMS Trigger Template

An SMS trigger template helps you save all the details necessary to trigger an SMS sending as a ready-to-use template.


Templates help you to save repetitive data entry details as a ready-to-use template.

UTM Code

A UTM code is a portion of text appended to URLs that enables you to generate google analytics data and track visits to that URL.


A white-label product is a product or service produced by one company that other companies rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it.


A survey is a set of questions designed to investigate the ideas or opinions of the target audience regarding a particular product or service.

QR Code

QR stands for “Quick Response.” A QR code is a two-dimensional scannable image composed of squares and dots that hold data.