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SMS Sending Goal

An SMS Sending Goal can be used to set overall performance targets for an SMS Sending.

It includes:

  • Targets to monitor the delivery parameters like the delivery and bounce rates, etc., and
  • Targets to monitor the overall performance of the sent SMSs like the open rate, clicks, and NPS scores received, etc.

SMS campaign sending goal. Set SMS sending goals

Why Should You Set Goals for Your SMS Sendings?

Goals help you specify the desired end goals for your SMS Sendings, wherein you can save target goals corresponding to different KPIs for your SMS Sendings.

Setting goals for your campaign sendings makes your work easier when it comes to SMS Sending analytics. Via color-coded icons (see the Achieved column in the screenshot below), we promptly display which campaigns met their intended goals and which ones didn’t.

SMS campaign sending goal. SMS sending insights overview

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