A white-label product is a product or service produced by one company that other companies rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it.

In MainBrainer, you can whitelabel your email campaigns, landing pages, and URL shorteners so they appear to come from you directly, even though you use MainBrainer to create and send the campaigns. Doing so has numerous benefits – it reinforces your brand image, increases customer engagement, improves email deliverability, etc.

Here’s what all you can do:

1. Whitelabel your Emails, i.e., use your domain email address to send out Email campaigns, so that your domain email address reflects as the sender email address (see reference screenshot below).

White Label your Email Domain Branding

2.Whitelabel your landing page URLs, i.e., create custom slug URLs for your landing pages (with the configured domain). Doing so ensures that the URL visible to your customers in their browser’s address bar when they open your landing page reflects your domain name (see reference screenshot below).

White Label your Landing Page URL Branding

3. Whitelabel your URL shorteners, i.e., create custom URL shorteners (with the configured domain) when sending your SMS campaigns with landing pages (with or without UTM codes). Doing so ensures that even your shortened campaign URLs reflect your domain name (see reference screenshot below).

White Label URL Shortener Branding