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Marketing Performance Insights

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Performance Insight

Performance Insight

Performance Insight

Performance Insight

Performance Insight

Performance Insight

Performance Insight

Performance Insight

Landing Page Performance

High converting landing pages to create profitable sales funnels & conversion journeys

  • Monitor all-important performance KPIs that determine your landing pages’ success or failure
  • See how far you’re from achieving your pre-set landing page performance goal rates & values
  • Know your best-performing landing page campaigns and their traffic sources to create more similar ones
  • No more wasting valuable marketing budget, efforts, and time on non-performing landing pages

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Landing Page Engagement

Turn your landing pages into clickstreams that the visitors can’t keep their eyes & fingers away from

  • Stay intelligently informed, get every detail about how your target visitors are interacting and engaging with your landing page embedded CTAs & elements
  • Conversion has never been this easy; you know what makes your target user segment tick & click
  • Real-time insights empower you to keep improving your live landing page campaigns’ without a miss

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Be able to create, share & improve live landing pages bringing you maximum conversions

Create right. Target right. Time right.
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Email Performance

See live how many of your emails reached their destination inboxes & what happened next

  • Know the best day and time to send your emails
  • Collective and individual email performance success results and insights against all your email sendings
  • Keep tabs on critical components – bounces, spam reports, unsubscribed, and non-functional email ids
  • Understand your target email recipients segment better by analyzing their demographic insights

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Email Engagement

Are you sending the right emails to the right audience or still wondering how to

  • Complete insights about how your target email recipients’ are engaging with your email components after opening. Do they like what you sent?
  • Which email campaign caters the most clicks and conversions and which ones aren’t getting any
  • Who among all are your most engaging email subscribers, who’s not engaging anymore, and why some of them left you
  • We bring you all essential analytical stats, so you can easily connect all the right dots and continue reaping better results

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Boost your email marketing success to its full potential - be email ready

Smart emails. Smarter targeting. Best results.
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SMS Performance

Know all the what(s), when(s), and how(s) about your SMS campaign targeting – no more guesswork take informed decisions

  • Buzz-n-beep your SMS when your target smartphone users would love to get it, know the best day & time
  • Track & analyze SMS sendings performance and engagement statistics in real-time
  • Get to know all vital SMS success KPIs and linked Landing pages engagement reports
  • Simple SMS, Bulk SMS, Rich SMS or SMS 2.0, you’ll get in-depth reach, engagement, and performance insights about all types of SMS campaign sendings

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Impress your audience by demonstrating how relevant and amazing you are

SMS distribution reports. Rich SMS engagement insights.
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Contacts List Growth

How successful are you in building and Growing your Contact Lists over time

  • It’s good to know the new subscribers gained recently, last week, or within the last 3-6 months
  • How does the overall contacts lists growth look like so far including subscribers count & lost leads
  • Know the channels (Web, SMS, Signup forms, QR code, API, etc) that are driving most contacts, and work on the ones that are not performing as expected or being stagnant over time

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Find opportunities to grow your leads, subscribers and customers without losing any

List Growth Trends. Contact list Channels.
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Net Performance Score (NPS)

You know the best form of advertising is Word-of-mouth – no cost, high conversion

  • Understand how happy your target subscribers and customers are with your promotional marketing campaigns and offerings
  • Act appropriately on your collected target audiences’ feedback & responses to turn more of them into your Brand Promoters
  • Establish trust and loyalty by reminding your target users that you value their responses & opinions

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Turn more customers into your brand advocates who simply love to promote you

High response rate. More engagement. Impactful branding.
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UTM Codes

Keep track of all online channels that are bringing you traffic and conversions

  • Go multi-channel for sharing your landing page campaigns and get all related traffic insights
  • No more messing it up. We’ll help you to generate UTM parameters based URLs simply by entering few required relevant details
  • Google Analytics requires the UTM parameters associated URLs to bring you all the related traffic sources and performance insights

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Google Analytics

Advanced performance, engagement, and traffic insights with Google Analytics

  • Not just trust us, but also see what industry’s top analytics game player Google is suggesting too
  • Easy integration with Google Analytics API key to start using UTM codes for your creations
  • No more shuffling and struggling to know everything about your marketing campaigns, you’ll get & know it all in an easy-to-understand report layout

Insights API

Automate and advance your performance insights statistical data reporting using APIs

  • Customize & create your own advanced version of data reports and layouts
  • Have access to both raw statistical data-type and final report output data-display
  • Easy integration possibilities with your own data warehouses for all our statistics

Easy integrations, customization, and advanced reporting freedom

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A/B Testing

Create multiple versions of your marketing campaigns and compare their performance

  • Sub-divide your target user segment into two groups and send two variations of your marketing campaigns to each and see which one is performing better
  • Optimize your live landing page campaigns and get inspired by your successful SMS and email sendings
  • You can easily create, launch & share as many testing variations of your marketing pitch & sales campaigns as many as you need
  • Monitor the response and progress in real-time and take effective result-driven smart actions

Optimize & Analyze all aspects reflecting your online campaigns’ effectiveness

Test, Run & Share. Campaign variations. Multi-channels.
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Easily download and share your CRM contact list growth, landing page, email & SMS campaign performance reports

  • Reports download is available in png, jpeg, pdf, svg, excel & csv formats
  • Impress your audience during business conferences, presentations and meetings
  • Use these while formulating future overall business marketing strategies and budget allocations

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