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Email Creator

Create beautiful engaging emails in less than 10 minutes

  • Readymade templates to get you started
  • All animals can use our creator not just chimps
  • Get more sales thru engaged customers
  • Everything is measurable

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It's powerful and easy-to-use

email components

No Coding no fuss

More conversion via
landing page

Prebuilt Templates
and Layouts

Auto CRM Tags
for Personalisation

Mobile responsive
email designs

Brand your emails
(logo, font & colors)

Embed Videos, SoMe
links, footer & more

Save email campaigns
as templates

Email widgets

Find every useful email component (widget) that you’ll need to create professional emails.

  • Ready-to-use email widgets
  • Simple steps – add, Alter & save
  • Everything is covered – buttons, images, text, videos, SoMe links, NPS rating & more
  • No coding, no complexities & super quick

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Email Image Gallery

Upload, edit & manage all your image files in one place.

  • Add text over images
  • Apply cool filters and effects
  • Save all edited versions & use anywhere

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Email Personalization

Connect with your users using personalization CRM tags (First name, city. DOB, etc.)

  • Be legit make sense & feel relevant
  • Higher open rate, engage better & convert more
  • Easy to add no tech expertise required

Email Manager

Access, manage, share, archive and organize your email campaigns with ease

  • Organize & group relevant or related campaigns using folders
  • Share among team members or distribute using shortened URL or 1click QR code
  • Find all associated actions (edit, delete, history, archive, etc) with every campaign listing

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Start converting your ideas into exceptional emails that engage better & convert more

No-coding. Save time. Easy-to-use
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Email Design

Impactful, engaging, and modern-looking prebuilt templates to solve your purpose & save you time.

  • Prebuilt design templates & layouts
  • Super easy to edit & make it look uniquely yours
  • Multiple choices & save yours too

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Email Footer

Informative, appealing and legally compliant email footer

  • Simple Unsubscribe options & terms
  • Email Unsubscribe template – landing page
  • Improves the quality of interaction with your brand

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Email Triggers

Send prebuilt Welcome, Thank you, or other types of informative emails automatically

  • Build trust & confirm customers’ expectations
  • Establish better brand recognition by timely informing your customers
  • Increase customer retention

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Email Unsubscribe (Opt-out)

Be compliant with CAN-SPAM Act and understand why your subscribers are no longer interested in receiving your emails.

  • Give them a friendly opt-out experience as they’re still your customers
  • Simple 1click opt-out option & a subtle exit survey
  • Immediately effective and updated in CRM list as an opted-out contact

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Email Subscribe (Opt-in)

Send prebuilt single or double opt-in confirmation emails as your target audience successfully submits their consent thru subscription forms.

  • Let your fresh subscribers know that their subscription is successful & offer a thank you deal
  • Ensure that you’ve earned a real person as a subscriber & his/her provided email is working
  • An opportunity to understand more about your subscribers’ preferences (add a quick questionnaire or survey)

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Readymade templates to look professional & to stay ahead of your competitors

Choose it. Customize it. Send it.
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Email Send

Send & get your emails delivered having an impressive 96-98% average delivery rate

  • Reach the inbox at the right time
  • Target masses with ease & higher relevancy
  • Enjoy maximum reach and higher open rate

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Send with confidence, target with relevancy & get delivered

Stay out of
the Spam folder

Know the best time and
day to send your emails

Look amazing on all

Instant delivery status
and engagement reports

Email Sending Goals for
better conversions

Improve linked landing
pages even after sending

Better reputation
Dedicated IPs and
custom domains

Target relevant customer
segments with ease and
in few clicks

In-depth performance stats
against email & its linked
landing page components

Email Scheduling

Plan and automate your email sendings for the future date and time

  • No more delays or end time quick decisions everything is organized & strategically planned
  • Stay ahead of your competitors by reaching your target audiences’ inboxes at the right time
  • Less work & more time to create compelling emails that stand out in the crowded inboxes

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Advanced Segmentation

Target the most interested group with highly relevant emails

  • Engage better & convert more with 100% relevancy
  • Easily create Static & auto-growing Dynamic contacts segmentation groups
  • Keep tabs on their every action & interaction using in-depth reports to improve future targeting

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Subject Personalisation

Personalize email subject lines to connect more & to acquire higher open rates

  • Sound familiar, relevant and more human resulting higher engagement rate
  • Create variations and test them out. Inspire your recipients to open your emails.
  • With higher open rates comes better engagement and more conversions

Start sending relevant emails that get delivered & reap better results

High deliverability rate. Reach at the best time. Engage & Convert more.

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Email Goals

Set, track, compare & analyze your email sending and conversion goals

  • By setting email goals see how well your email performed against your objectives
  • How close your conversion value is against your expected returns?
  • Where & what do you need to improve – email sending or email content?

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Email Insights

Real-time indepth stats and reports to take the right actions at the right time

  • Understand your target audience better & see what’s bringing results & what’s not
  • Start making intelligent and well-informed decisions. No more hitting in the dark.
  • Have more control over your email marketing success smartly devise more converting targeting strategy

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Analyze in-depth to take effective & meaningful decisions to grow your business

Save time & money. Get better. Produce results.

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Email APIs

Automate & trigger email sendings based on target audience actions

  • People engage more when they get anticipated & relevant emails exactly when they need and have expressed their willingness or interest.
  • Craft happier conversion journeys for your customers
  • Easily implement meaningful event-driven interactions resulting in more business.

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Google Analytics

Integrated Google Analytics API to bring you every important in-depth insight

  • All you need is a Google Analytics account & done. Rest is on us.
  • See every important email performance and recipients engagement insight from Google Analytics in an easy-to-understand format.
  • Analyze sales & conversion reports in-depth & get to know your target audience’s behavior and preferences in detail.

Integrate third-party tools or Automate Email Marketing the possibilities are endless

Mass targeting. Auto sending. Flexible scaling.

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Email UTM Codes

See what email campaign is driving traffic to your web pages

  • Measure the success of each email marketing campaign. Not just clicks but what happened next?
  • How much traffic is derived by your specific email for your selling landing page? Did they convert?
  • Compare the results with other traffic sources and analyze the overall effectiveness

Dedicated Email IP

Take control of your email IP reputation score and ensure better deliverability of your emails

  • Establish effective email marketing & smoothly pass all filters – no blocking or ending up in spam folders
  • No impact from shared IPs email practices over your IP reputation score
  • Easier to find and resolve the cause of email deliverability issues

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