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Landing Page Builder

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Landing Page Builder

Launch engaging and high converting landing pages in seconds

  • Ready-to-use templates, no need for technical Know-how or a developer or designer
  • DIY landing page builder is a handy solution. Just drag-n-drop, customize & done!
  • Get detailed performance reports against every conversion element that you add to your pages

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Friction-free landing page creation experience

landing page elements

and Code-free

Better engagement
with Email & SMS

Templates & Layouts

CRM Tags for

Responsive designs
for all screen sizes

Branding possibilities
make it uniquely yours

Add Videos, Forms,
Popups & more

Save as templates to use
multiple times

Landing Page Widgets

Find all page elements you need to create impressive & functional landing pages

  • Add what you need, customize & save
  • Signup forms, images, text, buttons, SoMe links, popups, NPS rating & more
  • Alter anything even after launch to improve it based on real-time performance insights
  • We created it for everyone! Simple, fast & code-free

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Personalize your landing pages for better engagement & conversions using simple
CRM tags (First name, city, DOB, etc.)

  • Familiarity and relevancy are the core components for earning higher conversions
  • Interested customer segments will interact better with your landing page CTAs & convert more
  • Share these landing pages using SMS & Email sendings from our platform only

Landing Page Signup Forms

Earn subscribers, collect consent, event registrations & more – signup forms are great tools for lead generation

  • Auto-updates in CRM contact details
  • Add it to a landing page or in a popup if you like
  • Turn lead generation into an engaging experience by easily triggering a pre-saved Thank you landing page or email template

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Landing Page Email

Link landing pages in emails to target Specific segment groups for higher ROI

  • Craft personalized deals & offer landing pages for your target email subscribers
  • More reach, super high conversion rate & done in minutes with our Email Editor & Sendings
  • Monitor live stats & implement changes into your live landing pages for earning even better results

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Landing Page QR Code

QR codes are everywhere – store windows, movie tickets, food menus, product packaging, SoMe channels, payment systems & more

  • Grab a QR Code for your landing page in 1click & use it anywhere you need
  • Simple smartphone scan and voila you receive an interested lead or customer
  • QR code print is static but the landing page that it’s associated with is dynamic. You can change its content & sales pitch anytime

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Stand out by creating impressive & high converting Landing pages all by yourself!

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Landing Page Designs

Professional, modern, impressive & highly engaging landing page templates collection

  • Ready-to-go design templates & layouts
  • No more worrying about where to start
  • You can easily edit these and convert into your exclusive landing pages that speaks your brand

Single Opt-In

Turn your leads into willing subscribers using easy to add & edit sign up forms

  • Add SMS and Email opt-in consent fields in 1click
  • Auto-CRM linking and contact data updates
  • Legal compliance for penalty-free communication

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Double Opt-In

Customer segment that is 100% interested in your offerings & promotional deals

  • What’s more valuable than a high-engaging customer group? Double opt-in earns them for you
  • It helps you to ensure that their provided email addresses and phone numbers are functional
  • After collecting their consent once reach them back with a notification email to verify or by sending a welcome deal/coupon via SMS along with asking them to reconfirm their subscription
  • Everything can be done within our platform only! Without coding using simple actions.

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Unsubscribe (Opt-out)

Add a prebuilt unsubscribing template into your landing pages using a single click

  • Stay compliant with legal policies & terms
  • Offer a friendly opting out experience & add a quick exit survey using simple steps to understand why your subscriber is leaving you
  • Every unsubscribing action is automatically synced in the CRM database and gets updated with an opt-out status
  • Contact with opt-out status is skipped during sendings, so you won’t have to worry about targeting them during mass-sendings

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Spend more time on crafting the best marketing strategy than creating pages

Select the best. Customize & launch.
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Landing Page for Email

Effortlessly send high converting Landing Pages to your email subscribers

  • Deliver seamless & interactive brand experience
  • Hyper-personalized landing pages and super-segmented targeting for phenomenal results
  • Every unsubscribing action is automatically synced in the CRM database and gets updated with an opt-out status
  • Smarter conversion funnel beyond email limitations like having sign up forms, media-rich display and customer-data collection freedom

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The right way to target your Email subscribers

High relevancy increases
the open rate

Every important stat and
report is available real-time

Looks amazing on all

Personalized and more
engaging targeting

Set Sending & Conversion
Goals for intelligent Decision-making

Possibility to modify
landing pages even after email is sent & delivered

Increased brand loyalty
and higher customer retention

Effective customer
segmentation, simple CRM tags and auto-updates
Looks amazing on all devices

Detailed live sending,
performance, engagement & conversion insights

Landing Page for SMS

Ignite interest & curiosity using SMS and convert through shared Landing Pages

  • SMSs are instantly opened & read more than any other communication channel
  • SMS + Landing pages = a powerful combo! No lead will be able to escape this effective mobile marketing strategy
  • Notify your customers using SMS about an upcoming sale, event appointment, or VIP deal and link a perfectly optimized landing page to let them take your desired conversion actions

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SMS landing pages are crafted for Conversions

Active SMS subscribers engage & convert more

Take personalization to next level – Personalize both SMS & Landing Page

Engaging customer experience improves customer retention

Real-time stats to improve your live landing pages

Sending & Conversion Goals to benchmark your campaign effectiveness

Dynamic segmentation grouping and auto CRM data updates

Mobile-friendly landing page designs

Edit your shared landing pages anytime you need even after SMS sendings

Get every detail about your target SMS recipients’ interaction & actions


Untargeted traffic is no traffic! You need interested leads & engaging customers

  • Create auto-updating dynamic segment target froups in few clicks
  • There is no limit, segregate your target traffic into as many groups as you need
  • Follow live statistical insights and revamp your segmentation accordingly for more competent future targeting

Find out more – Segmentation


Personalize email subject lines & pre-header and SMS text while sharing your landing pages

  • Personalized messages are opened and read more
  • Monitor clicks that lead users to your target landing pages and how they are interacting with its conversion components
  • Higher open & engagement rate maximizes your ROI and makes it easier for you to convert more

Schedule in advance

Convert more by reaching at the right time. Plan & schedule sendings in advance

  • Calendar-based time and date selection, no coding required
  • You can’t afford to miss valuable customer communication and a chance to convert more
  • Be organized & more productive by actively improvising your running campaign before the end date, and dexterously meet all your conversion goals

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Targeted traffic, personalized offer and interactive content = above 90% Conversion rate

Target those who’re interested. Offer what they’re looking for.
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Landing Page Goals

Set, track, compare & analyze your landing page conversion goals

  • Goals help you to set the benchmark for comparing ongoing performance & conversion trends
  • Wisely judge the campaign success effectiveness and strategize
  • Keep your focus on the most important elements and aspects of your landing page
  • Facilitate constructive time & efforts investment

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Landing Page Insights

Actionable real-time insights to take immediate optimization actions

  • Stay well-informed and make intelligent decisions before it’s too late to act
  • Find all the key answers to grow your business, sales & conversions
  • Know your customers and forge the most engaging conversion journeys

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Grow your business by taking well-informed user interaction insights based timely decisions

Know the Pain Points. Spend time in Optimization.
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Landing Page APIs

Automate Landing Page triggering based on your target recipients’ actions

  • Create the most engaging conversion journeys that nurture your target audience at every stage of their conversion funnel
  • Smooth integration and advanced automation workflows
  • Empower your marketing with endless possibilities

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Google Analytics

Traffic insights by Google Analytics against your every landing page

  • Know all about your traffic – when, where, from and more
  • Google Analytics integrated insights with landing page oriented user engagement & interactivity details
  • Empowers you with intelligent details & insights to take smarter timely decisions to remarkably grow your business in a short time

Automate your landing page campaigns targeting go multi-channel & create custom workflows

Auto-triggers. Google Analytics. Integrations.
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Landing Page UTM Codes

Google Analytics relies on UTM Codes to bring you every related traffic insight about your landing page campaigns

  • Generate UTM codes for your landing pages simply by altering the parameter labels only; no worries about the exact slashes & URL criterion
  • See all traffic sources like other landing pages, ads, email or SMS campaigns that sent these web visitors to your landing pages
  • Compare results from these various traffic sources & create a full-proof targeting strategy for the future

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Landing Page Conversion Scripts/Pixels

Empowered with Facebook retargeting pixels script insights & tracking

  • See how your landing pages are performing against your Facebook ad
  • Get detailed on-page insights about visitors’ Interactivity and conversions
  • Real-time insights and live landing page alterations possibility will give you more control over your campaigns’ effectiveness & success

Custom Landing Page URL

Branded URL for your landing page campaigns Let your customer know your brand

  • Secured with SSL encryption and hosted on an HTTPs address
  • Whitelabel your landing page domain for delivering A brand authentic user experience
  • Custom branded URLs help your online visitors to recognize and find your brand easily
  • Beautiful, professional and engaging Landing pages created with us yet uniquely yours!

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