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Landing Page Conversion Goals

Landing pages are built to convert, comprised of clean & crisp conversion pitch and actions

  • Set conversion goal value against all your strategically added on-page interaction touch-points
  • See instant comparison between your pre-set conversion goal values and acquired results real-time
  • Gauge and predict future growth & success trends
  • Timely optimize your landing page elements
  • Know what’s working & what you need to change to stop losing your target audiences’ interest & clicks
  • Unsuccessful landing page campaigns – not anymore! Convert more, save time and make more money

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Email Conversion Goals

Every content piece that you add to your email campaign has a strong reason & a purpose

  • How’ll you judge your email success rate & conversion effectiveness unless you can compare it against your final conversion goal values?
  • Is every element achieving as many clicks, views, conversions, or results as you desire?
  • Pre-defined email conversion goals will answer all the bubbling questions concerning your email campaign’s success rate and conversion potential

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Signup Conversion Goals

Gathering data isn’t enough until you can easily organize, relate & compare results against your target goals to make timely wise decisions

  • You don’t have to wait for the d-day to determine your marketing campaign’s success or failure
  • Pre-set your campaigns’ recruitment goals and keep a tab on the progress by monitoring related live compared goal values and statistics
  • Analyze the ongoing success trend determining how effective your campaigns’ are in acquiring more leads, subscribers and customers
  • Master your customer relationship marketing and recruitment strategies
  • Accurate real-time and precise insights will equip you to resolve all problem areas before it’s too late

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Conversion Goal Templates

We all want to convert more leads into customers, more sales into profits & to achieve more business growth having an impressive ROI

  • Smartly defined conversion goals and strategically planned marketing blueprint gives you more control over your campaigns’ performance and optimization decision-makings
  • Easily set your conversion goal values and save them as templates to apply using a single click over all related future campaign targetings
  • Everything is easy, planned, and organized – you know it all, the skeleton & the mass of your every marketing campaign

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Landing Page Performance Goals

Landing page performance goals measured against landing page insights statistic

Benchmark your Landing page campaign’s performance targets and analyze results acquisition in real-time

  • Are your landing page distribution, reach, and performance effectiveness aligned with what you want to attain?
  • Pre-defined landing page performance KPI goals facilitate smart moves and effective targeting
  • Stay focussed, informed, and familiar with whom to reach & when to share, with what campaign & thru what channel to get maximum conversion & clicks

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Performance Goal Templates

Define your various marketing and promotional campaigns’ oriented performance goals once and save them as templates

  • Backed with live insights and progress trend you can set practical performance goal template relevant to variant marketing campaigns and user-segments
  • You can easily create and modify your pre-set performance goal template values
  • If you’re not sure simply use our pre-defined market research based default smart goal template values

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Measure & maintain your target performance winning landing page campaign KPIs

Insight-driven. Timely actions. Better results.
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SMS Delivery Goals

There is no value in your most compelling offer, promotion, or deal unless it gets delivered at the right time to the right audience

  • Pre-set your SMS delivery goals and analyze the delivery status to filter out non-functional phone numbers and prospects
  • Avoid spam complaints and get your every SMS delivered with a 90% to 100% delivery rate
  • Have more control over relevant user segment targeting using SMS campaigns while minimizing SMS delivery failures

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Email Delivery Goals

Emails being the most preferred & popular communication channel, yet many businesses struggle to maintain it effectively

  • Pre-set your email delivery goals and monitor your sendings’ delivery statuses in real-time
  • Our detailed insights will help you find your most profitable email marketing mix comprised of the best time to send, user-preferred content relevancy, and effective user segmentation
  • Compare your pre-set email delivery goals & improve your email campaign delivery potential by targeting clean and functional email subscribers’ contact lists

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Delivery Goal Templates

You will know your audience, what they like and the day, the time & the channel they prefer for you to reach them

  • Easily define specific sending goal templates for your different SMS and email campaign types and save these as templates
  • Apply or modify sending goal templates as many times as you need with ease
  • Set, track & get delivered! Conversion takes place only after your marketing campaigns reach your target audience

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Net Performance Score (NPS)

NPS represents your customers’ loyalty, trust and brand-following exceptional conversions & promotions

  • Define your target Net Performance Score (NPS) conversion goal values and analyze how your target audiences’ are interacting with your running marketing campaigns containing the NPS rating & feedback component
  • Are you on the right track to gain more brand advocates and promoters, or do you need a changed plan of action?
  • As you begin acquiring your target NPS conversion goal values, you’ll know that you understand your customers way better than any of your competitors

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