Customer Data Platform / features & functionalities

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

for your CRM Marketing

Be able to manage, process, and target your contact lists with more accuracy & higher relevancy. Profitable segments, engaging campaigns, personalized targeting, auto-data updates, sign-up forms, detailed insights, and flexible automation possibilities.

CRM Marketing

CRM lists, segments and promotional offer

Build, nurture & grow loyal relationships with your target customers

  • Reach them with high precision & intelligent targeting
  • Convert leads into subscribers & customers using prebuilt sign-up forms and DIY landing pages
  • Allure them using relevant personalized campaigns and keep tabs on their choices & actions
  • The perfect CRM system to effectively support all your marketing efforts, needs, and strategies

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No Complexities it's fairly simple to use!



Legally Compliant
Contacts targeting

Compatible with
multi-channel targeting

Dynamic contacts
list segmentation

Easier to manage
& scale your usage

In-depth Customer
interaction reporting

Auto-updates and
systematic targeting

Secured & safe

Start free and upgrade
anytime at minimal cost


Email personalization of first name and city

Customer data based CRM-tags to create & deliver personalized customer experiences

  • Simple tags having a powerful impact! Use them in your landing pages, SMS text, email pre-headers & subject lines (without coding)
  • When combined with customer-interaction analysis inspired relevant promotional campaign creation and sendings, it makes your target customers’ feel – as you know them personally
  • No matter how many times you alter your contact profile details, with auto-updates these CRM-tags will always pull & serve the latest related data info

Deliver converting personalized customer experiences and build better relationships

No complexity. Less work. Precise targeting.
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Contact lists

Creating segment of female 28-35 based on contacts in CRM list

Unlimited CRM lists for free, to manage your growing contacts data more efficiently

  • Quick to create and easier to find & organize
  • Convert your contact lists into goldmines by subdividing these into smaller similar user interests, preferences, demographics, behavior, or interaction-based segments
  • Subdivided segments having pre-set dynamic filters will get auto-updated aligned with every latest similar contact entry or matching profile data update

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Import Contacts from File

Upload or drag and drop Excel CSV file for contact import

Import your small to massive contacts data using an excel file following simple steps

  • Guided steps module to start and progress your contacts data uploading
  • Easy contact field mapping with quick selection
  • GDPR compliant legalized contacts-targeting-based contact adding
  • Custom fields creation to let you keep every valuable information stored against your contact profiles

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Mapping Data

Mapping of imported data to CRM fields

Easy 1click based Contacts data field mapping to keep everything organized

  • Everything and every info will be added and arranged in the way you want
  • Import what’s important and skip what’s not. Get ready-to-target Contact lists right after importing
  • No coding, no frustration – simple & effective to process auto-updates & automation targeting

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Custom Fields

Create CRM custom field giving name and data type

Never miss any valuable piece of information. Add as many custom data fields as you need

  • No limitations, more flexibility
  • Easy to add, alter and delete anytime
  • Link these custom fields to every contact list or just one, as you may prefer.
  • Possibility to capture more details about your customers that’ll help you to target them better

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GDPR Compliance

Build trust and loyalty with your contacts by handling and targeting them legally

  • Every contact import, manual-add, or targeting takes place aligned to your stored GDPR compliant users’ opt-in or opt-out consent
  • Manage and target your contacts professionally. Legal compliance helps you to avoid big penalties
  • Earn willing subscribers that would love to receive your informational content & promotional campaigns

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Customer Profile

Manage detailed customer profiles and classify them under specific lists & segments

  • Customer profiles are no longer just contact details, you can turn these into useful customer personas by monitoring their interaction & engagement actions
  • Auto-update your Customer profiles by permitting to overwrite while latest contact list import
  • Create your own Custom data fields for your Customer profile cards

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It’s always all yours! Export & download your contact lists anytime with no restrictions

  • Small list having few contact profiles or a huge one with millions of contact entries, you can export all
  • Easy data export with all custom fields included
  • Download All Contacts in one go or export individual CRM lists and segment groups

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Signup Forms

Build & grow your subscribers base with an easy-to-use signup form and related landing pages

  • You can easily embed signup forms using simple (code-free) actions directly into your landing pages, website, QR code or use them within interactive popups
  • Save your created opt-in or sign-up forms as templates and use these multiple times
  • Every user data that you collect using these signup forms will get updated within your CRM lists automatically with the latest opt-in status
  • Signup forms help you to be compliant with legal terms, averting the risk of huge penalties

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Effortlessly build, grow & manage your CRM lists and target user profiles

No complexity. Less work. Precise targeting.
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Static and Dynamic

Create unlimited Static and Dynamic segment groups for effective user data management and targeting

  • While you can easily update and grow the Static groups, the Dynamic segment will keep growing automatically based on your set filters
  • Keeps your target customer list organized and highly relevant to increase sales & conversion
  • You can develop specific performance and engagement based group segments by monitoring detailed real-time insights

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Segmentation with 100% relevancy & precision to turn your CRM lists into profitable mining streams

Save time. Spend less marketing budget. Better ROI.
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Recruitment Goals

Mark your recruitment success metric by specifying the target Recruitment Goal values

  • Your business depends on your customer base, focus on creating results-driven campaigns and improve over time to meet your set goal values
  • Pre-goal setting helps you to craft a practical and functional marketing communication blueprint
  • Everything is measured and tracked, so you can accurately devise better action points for growing your subscribers, customers, and business ROI

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CRM Insights

Understand your users better & keep tabs on their interests and interaction patterns


  • Engage better & convert more with 100% relevancy
  • Easily create Static & auto-growing Dynamic contacts, segmentation groups
  • Keep tabs on their every action & interaction using in-depth reports to improve future targeting

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Real-time reports and detailed insights to take better predictive controlled actions

Know your customers. Stay informed. Target smartly.
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Easy to implement and integrate CRM APIs to automate your user data management and customer relationship-building workflows

  • Get started guides, reference API calls, use-cases, and our experts are here to guide you through too
  • Upgrade your CRM system capabilities using automation workflows and integrations
  • Automate and strengthen your business marketing customer data flow using RESTful CRM APIs

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