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Survey Creator

to know what they think & what they want?

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Survey Creator

DIY solution to create engaging survey campaigns code-free

Launch in minutes, share & start tracking everything in real-time

  • It’s easier than filling a form itself. Drag-n-drop, alter & save. No technical knowledge is required
  • Create a simple one-page survey questionnaire or a more detailed multi-page survey campaign
  • Multi-choice, radio buttons, dropdowns, matrix based multi-question, you can create any type

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It's easier to create & share. No complexities

survey page elements

Super easy-to-use
and Code-free

Engage more by using Email & SMS channels

Kickstart using

Personalize using
CRM autofill tags

Responsive layout &
design for all screens

Whitelabel your
survey campaign pages

Progress bar, video,
signup form & more

Create once & save as
a template to use it
multiple times

Survey Page Widgets

Get everything survey element you need - question, image, video, button & more

Find all usable page elements to create the most engaging & converting survey campaigns

  • Interactive interface simply, add what you need, customize & done
  • Question widget, previous-next, progress bar, text, button, image, video, signup form, NPS & more
  • Create & launch instantly and keep improving by analyzing real-time performance insights
  • User-friendly way to launch & run surveys with ease

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Personalized survey campaigns to improve engagement

Make your audience feel special by targeting personalized surveys, using simple CRM tags

  • Interactive personalized experiences to cater more responses & higher engagement
  • Personal touch brings the feel of familiarity and serves good faith among customers
  • Break the barrier of unfamiliarity and drive more engaging actions from your target audience

Survey Signup Forms

New leads signup forms for surveys - ready-to-use widget

Generate leads too while collecting your target audience’s feedback and responses. New leads = more business opportunities

  • Every successful entry will trigger an auto-update in CRM
  • Add easily and start collecting user data
  • Turn lead generation into happy brand experiences by easily triggering previously created thank you pages & notifications

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Survey Page QR Code

Generate QR code in one-click to share via print media

Bridge the gap from offline media to digital media. Use QR code to let your target audience scan & access your survey campaigns effortlessly

  • Easily generate QR Code for your survey page using one-click & use it anywhere you need
  • One simple smartphone scan is all it takes to reach your target audience
  • QR code printed visuals are static but you can keep improving linked survey campaigns by monitoring live recipients’ interaction & engagement insights

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Know directly from the source. No misinformation or omitted details anymore!

Ready in minutes. Higher accuracy. Detailed insights.
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Survey Templates

Survey design templates. Simply edit and share

Professional & engaging ready-to-use survey template designs to give you a perfect start

  • Select, alter & share – it’s that easy!
  • Start understanding your target audience and customers better without a delay
  • Easily customize your selected survey campaign template to represent your brand in no time without using any coding or technical skill

Single Opt-In

Capture single opt-in consent of your target audience via survey campaigns having forms

Stay legally compliant by collecting the consent of your target audience to communicate

  • Use sign-up forms having SMS and or email opt-in consent using simple actions
  • All opt-in consent as collected from your target audience will get automatically updated within the CRM/CDP module
  • Legal compliance for penalty-free communication

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Double Opt-In

Cater double opt-in consent using survey campaigns having opt-in forms

Filter your most loyal audience and brand followers by using double opt-ins

  • By using the double opt-in consent method you can verify your true followers & interested audience
  • Double verification will help you capture accurate & functional email addresses & mobile numbers
  • Collect consent once and then re-confirm it via pre-made email or SMS notifications. Consider it an opportunity to improve their brand experience by offering them a relevant welcome deal
  • Use our our email marketing & SMS marketing modules to perform these actions using simple drag-n-drop actions. Code-free!

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Spend more time monitoring the valuable insights & making wise decisions than creating surveys

Professional templates. Easy to customize.
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Survey for an Email

Share survey links with SMS text messages. SMS with Surveys

Share the most engaging & relevant Survey campaigns with your email subscribers

  • Interactive survey campaigns can easily be sent via email. No third-party integration required!
  • Understand your email subscribers’ preferences and interests to serve them better
  • Craft a winning customer targeting strategy based on your email recipients’ responses and feedback. Improved targeting leading to better results

Understand and target your Email Subscribers better

Effective channel to reach & ask your customers

Real-time performance insights & reports

Easier to create, schedule
& share. No coding

High relevancy with
better response rate

Customers love brands
that value their opinions
& suggestions

Possibility to alter shared
survey campaigns even
after emails are sent

Equip you to create
happier customer
conversion journeys

Grow and nurture your contact list. Ask for their feedback

Stay updated with your target email subscribers’ taste & preferences

Survey for SMS

Segmentation boosts engagement & conversion. Highly targeted survey campaigns

Ask for their opinions, ratings, and feedback regarding their recent experiences

  • Wondering about their recent purchase, delivery, or interaction with your brand? Send survey page link via SMS to know all about it
  • SMS are instant & will cater you immediate feedback directly from your customers & leads. No more guesswork!
  • Seek your customers’ opinions regarding your recent launches, events, or shared profitable deals. Their feedback & responses will help you to tap into improvement opportunities without losing any time

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SMS Surveys for immediate reach & response collection

Understand your SMS subscribers better

Live response reports & insights to take quick actions

Survey pages will look
great over any screen size

Create and share personalized survey campaigns

Boost trust in your brand
by asking your customers
about their recent experiences

Improve your survey questions & campaigns even after sharing via SMS

Engaging customer
experience improves
customer retention

Easy personalization CRM tags, consent collection & auto CRM data updates

Know every detail about your target audience’s responses & feedback


Segmentation boosts engagement & conversion. Highly targeted survey campaigns

Effective segmentation is the key to convert more. Keep tab on their changing preferences

  • Create auto-updating dynamic segmented groups based on their recent interests, preferences & opinions
  • Unlimited sub-segmentations possibilities and customized contact fields option to store every important detail about your leads & customers
  • Keep modifying your segmentation based on your target customers’ updated responses. Don’t lose them against your competition

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Gain more engagement and conversions using personalized survey campaigns

Personalize your survey page campaigns while sharing these with your current customers

  • Personalized survey campaigns specific to your current customers’ recent interactions & purchases will definitely bring valid responses & valuable insights
  • Personalization instantly improves your survey campaigns’ engagement and response rate by 10x times
  • Higher open & engagement rate maximizes your chances to understand your target audience better

Schedule in advance

Create survey campaigns and schedule distribution in advance for future

Improve your targeting by pre-planning and scheduling your survey campaigns sharing in advance via email & or SMS

  • Schedule email and or SMS distribution with survey campaigns in advance to share your premade survey campaigns on specific dates & times
  • Frequent feedback, responses, and ratings help businesses to keep improving with time
  • Stay updated with your target audience’s current preferences, expectations, and opinions about your brand and offerings

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Start sharing the most relevant and personalized surveys with your email & SMS subscribers

Precise targeting by creating informed intelligent user segments
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Survey Insights

In depth survey insights - responses, feedback, performance KPIs and more

Real-time survey campaign performance insights, engagment stats & responses

  • Keep a tab on your survey campaign KPI insights, responses, and engagement stats right from the time you successfully share it with your target audience
  • Understand your leads and customers better and take timely actions
  • No more mere estimates, strategize in accordance with valid direct from the source information

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Survey with NPS Insights

Net Promoter Score detailed insights. Survey Campaigns with NPS

Know every important insight about your user segments in detail – the promoters, the passives, and the detractors

  • Stay informed about who among your user segment is more prone to leave your brand & why
  • Find answers to all your user-oriented questions. What they like, why, and what they don’t
  • NPS rating is a quick way to gauge your marketing success & brand following pattern

Facts and stats to take well informed and required actions at the right time

Know the answers & reasons. Improve brand loyalty.
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Survey APIs

Survey APIs for easy integrations

Trigger relevant survey campaigns based on your target audience actions & interactions

  • Be it a frequent time interval based brand experience survey, recent user interaction based survey or an unsubscribing survey campaign trigger all these automatically using API calls
  • Easy to use API calls & smooth integration possibilities
  • Automate your marketing using advanced API call based APIs

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics based survey page traffic insights

Google analytics based detailed traffic source information in real time

  • Know about all traffic sources be it SMS, email, Facebook share, LinkedIn post or any other online channel
  • Know and understand your survey campaigns popularity based on the traffic sources & their interaction pattern
  • It can’t get more detailed and precise than Google Analytics itself. Never miss any valuable detail

Trigger survey campaigns using API calls, share & analyze popularity based on traffic sources

Auto-triggers. Easier Integrations. Google Analytics.
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Survey UTM Codes

Specific UTM based URLs for survey campaigns for sharing over social media networks

Easily create UTM Codes to start analyzing detailed Google Analytics based traffic reports and insights

  • UTM codes are great tools to keep your online traffic sources apart and hence be able to precisely analyze the success rate & engagement trend
  • Generate as many UTM codes against your survey page links as you need based on the target channel properties, date and day of sharing, etc
  • Compare results from all your shared traffic channels & create best possible strategy for future targeting

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Custom Survey Page URL

Branded survey URLs for better brand recognition

Be more recognizable by using custom whitelabeled survey page URLs

  • Your target audience can safely access your branded survey campaign pages. SSL encryption & HTTPS based URLS
  • Whitelabel your survey page domain for delivering a brand-associated trustworthy experience
  • Custom branded URLs improve brand recognization & motivate target audience to engage without resistance
  • Create beautiful and professional survey campaigns that spontaneously convey your brand identity, trust, and values

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