QR code for Survey

A QR code is a two-dimensional scannable image composed of squares and dots that hold informational data.
Generating a QR code for your survey has never been easier.

Step 1

Create your survey and click on Continue to save it.
Survey Creator work area is visible

Step 2

Once you have created your survey and saved it successfully, you’ll be redirected to the Survey Manager.
Survey Manager. list of surveys are visible

Step 3

The Survey Manager lists all the surveys created under your account to date. Right next to each survey, you’ll see a QR Code option.
Survey Manager. Inactive QR Code is highlighted

Step 4

Before you click on QR Code, make sure to Activate and remove the watermark from your survey.
Activate Survey page. Remove Watermark is highlighted

Step 5

Once you do so, click on the QR Code and it will generate a code for your survey instantly.
Survey manager. Active QR Code is highlighted

Step 6

Since this QR Code is a simple image, you can right click on it and save the image. This will allow you to share the image wherever you want.
Save Survey QR Code in browser

You have successfully generated a QR code for your survey.