Email Button Widget

The Button widget helps you add a CTA Button to your Email.

You can configure multiple actions for the Button clicks.

For example, you can use this Button:

  • To redirect the clicks to:
    • an external web URL, or
    • a Landing Page, or
    • an Email address
  • To confirm an Opt-In request and redirect the clicks to a Thank You page
  • As a Call Button (Clicks redirected to call the specified phone number)
  • To download a file on the Button click

How to use a Button Widget in an Email campaign

Step 1

Use the Main Menu on the left to create an Email and subsequently navigate to our Email Creator.

Step 2

Add a clickable Button to your Email

The blank area on the left is the Work area where you design your Email, and the area on the right is the Tools area where all the available design elements are displayed as widgets.

Email creator, button widget. The work area is highlighted

In order to add a clickable Button to your Email, drag and drop the Button widget to the Work area (as highlighted in the screenshot below)

Email creator, button widget. The CTA button widget is highlighted

Step 3

Configure the click action for the Button.

Once you drop the button widget into the Work area, the widget Settings are displayed on the right (as highlighted in the screenshot below).

Email creator, button widget. Button settings tab is highlighted

Fill in the fields:

  • Button Text (as highlighted in the screenshot below) to add/edit the text that appears on the clickable Button.

    Email creator, button widget. Button text field is highlighted

  • Based on the option you select in this field, the subsequent field gathers the required information relevant to that action.

Step 4

Style the Button Widget

You can edit the appearance of your button using the Style tab (as highlighted in the screenshot below).

Email creator, button widget. Button style tab is highlighted

The different design options available are:

4.1 Button Font settings and Background color

  • Widget Background Color to change the color of the Button background
  • Border Size and Color to change the color of the Button border (use the subsequent sizing bar to adjust the thickness of the border)
  • Border Style to change the type of Button border – solid, dotted, etc.,
  • Rounded Corners sizing bar to add rounded corners to the Button.

4.2 Button Text Style

  • Edit the Font Color, Font Size, Font Family, and Font Weight of the Button text.

4.3 Button Setting

  • Button width to adjust the width of the Button
  • Button Position to change the alignment of the Button in the design
  • Padding to enter the desired padding measurements. Padding refers to the gap between the text entered inside the Button and the Button boundary.

    Email creator, button widget. Button formatting options are highlighted

Click Save and that’s it!

You have successfully added a custom CTA Button to your Email!

Let’s proceed, and have a look at how to add text to an Email campaign using the Text Widget!