Email NPS Widget

The NPS widget helps you add an NPS survey form to your Email campaign. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a globally recognized and widely accepted metric that helps you measure your customers’ loyalty and satisfaction.

How to use an NPS Widget in an Email Campaign?

Step 1

Use the Main Menu on the left to expand the Create menu, and click Email to navigate to the Email Creator.

Step 2

Add an NPS widget to your Email

The blank area on the left is the Work area where you design your Email, and the area on the right is the Tools area where all the available design elements are displayed as Widgets.

In order to add an NPS survey form to your Email, click the NPS widget or drag and drop the NPS widget onto the work area.

Email creator, the NPS widget is highlighted

Step 3

Edit the NPS widget texts to customize your NPS form

Email creator, NPS widget. The NPS widget settings tab is highlighted

Once you drop the widget into the work area, the widget Settings are displayed on the right (as highlighted in the screenshot above).

Here’s what the different sections in the settings mean:

3.1 NPS Standard Question Text

Use this section to customize the text of your NPS survey question.

3.2 NPS Text

Use this section to:

  • Specify the pointer texts that you wish to display below the extreme ratings (0, 10).
  • Select the Landing page that you want to use as a thank you page. The customer will be redirected to this Landing page when they submit the survey.
  • Add a follow-up question to your NPS form by clicking the checkbox – Enable Follow-up Question, or click the checkbox Enable Default to enable default settings.
  • If you choose to Enable default, a follow-up question will be displayed only if a customer enters a rating of 6 or less. But if you choose to Enable Follow-up Question, the follow-up question will be visible regardless of the customer’s rating.

We recommend that you always enable a follow-up question for your NPS survey. Doing so helps you seek additional comments/remarks from your customers. These customer comments can provide valuable insights into your customers’ pain points and expectations from your brand.

Step 4

Style your NPS survey

Use the options under the Style tab to customize the look and feel of the NPS survey.

Email creator, NPS widget. The NPS widget style tab is highlighted

The different design options available are:

4.1 NPS Font settings and Background color

  • Widget background color – use it to change the color of the widget background. You can also choose to make the Widget Background Transparent.
  • Button Background Color – use it to change the background color of submit button.

4.2 NPS Box Style

  • Use this section to customize the Text Color and the Background Color for the rating scale displayed in the NPS widget.

4.3 Button Text Style

  • Use this section to customize the Fonts’ Color, Size, Family, and Weight used in the NPS widget.

4.4 NPS Setting

  • Use this section to specify the alignment of the Submit button as you prefer.

Click Save and that’s it!

You have successfully added an NPS survey form to your Email!

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