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How to Create a New Email Campaign

A step-by-step guide to using the MainBrainer Email Creator to create beautiful and engaging Email campaigns in minutes.

The Email Manager

The Email Manager lists all the Email campaigns created so far in your MainBrainer account along with the relevant actions available.

Email Creations in Email Manager

An Email creation displays the current state and status of the Email campaign, the different actions possible, the creation details, etc.

How to Modify a Previously Saved Email Campaign

It's not always necessary to create an Email campaign from scratch. You can always modify a previously designed Email campaign and update it as per your requirements.

How to Design the Perfect Email

Email designing tips to ensures that your Emails land in the recipients’ inbox and also stand out among the rest!

The Email Creator Widgets

The Email Creator widgets offer you all the design elements you might need to design your Email campaigns. This article gives you an overview of the widgets and the purpose they serve.

Email Button Widget

The button widget helps you add a CTA button to your Email and offers a multitude of click action configurations for the button.

Email Columns Widget

The columns widget helps you split the workspace into 2, 3, or 4 columns. Then, you can proceed to drag and drop any other widget onto the created columns.

Email Footer Widget

The footer widget helps you add a footer section to your Email campaign.

Email Image Widget

The image widget helps you add images to your Email. You can also hyperlink the image to an external web link.

Email Image + Text Widget

The image + text widget helps you add a combination of an image and text to your Email. You also have the option of hyperlinking the image to an external web link.

Email Line Widget

The line widget helps you add a horizontal line between two content areas in an Email. It helps you visually separate the content areas and create clearly defined sections to improve the Email's readability.

Email Link Widget

The link widget helps you add a weblink to your Email, i.e., a hyperlinked text that redirects to open the Email content in a web browser.

Email NPS Widget

The NPS widget helps you add an NPS survey form to your Email campaign.

Email Section Widget

The section widget helps you add distinct sections to your Email. You can move and rearrange the section in the Email as a single unit.

Email Social Widget

The social widget helps you add social media profile links to your Email campaign (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn).

Email Spacer Widget

The spacer widget helps you add a blank space between two widgets/ content blocks in your Email.

Email Text Widget

The text widget helps you add text (including special characters and emoticons) to your Email campaigns.

Email Video Widget

The video widget helps you add a video to your Email (via Youtube and Vimeo).

Click Actions for the Email CTA Button

When adding a CTA button to an Email, you can configure different click actions for the button depending on the desired functionality, e.g., redirection to an external URL, a landing page, a file download, opening a popup, etc.

QR code for Email Campaign

A QR code is a two-dimensional scannable image composed of squares and dots that hold informational data. Generating a QR...