The MainBrainer CRM

Effective communication, as we know, is the key to developing lasting relationships. The same applies to business relationships where meaningful and relevant communication determines the quality of the businesses’ relationship with their customers.

The MainBrainer CRM equips you with all the tools that you need to put your customers at the front and center of your marketing campaigns. It helps you aggregate complete information about your customers in a single searchable database, including their recent interactions with you, their latest activity, etc. The MainBrainer CRM is easy-to-use, logically organized, and includes advanced customer insights that help you understand your customers better and devise tailored marketing strategies and campaigns accordingly.


How to access the MainBrainer CRM?

Use the Main Menu on the left to expand the Contacts menu, and click CRM Contacts (as highlighted in the screenshot below).


Enter CRM. Contacts menu, CRM contacts is highlighted


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