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6 In-depth Website Landing Page Examples

Blog / 6 In-depth Website Landing Page Examples

You need website landing pages to capture your target online visitors' email addresses, acquire opt-in subscribers, nurture your leads, entice them to buy from you, and then buy more.

Website landing pages are created to deliver perfect personalized shopping experiences to your customers. These are an indispensable part of your online customer conversion journey. Your optimized landing pages will ensure better exposure & lead generation opportunities, as 48% of top landing pages are ranked higher in Google Maps & organic search query results.

Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch! We have shortlisted the top 6 high-performing website landing pages of popular brands & their associated take-away points to help you understand their winning strategy.

Let's dive-in, to find out what you can implement in your upcoming website landing pages to acquire maximum conversions.

Important Elements that are Considered Before Landing Page Analysis

As it is difficult to specify the real conversions that must have been done by the landing page examples that we have shown below. But with our expert analysis, we can decide what practices these companies have used to make their landing pages effective and converting.

  • Attention-grabbing purposeful headline
  • Straightforward call to action (CTA) button
  • Powerful copywriting with a clear and concise value statement
  • Followed design principles and use of conversion goals centered layout
  • Providing valuable information so visitors understand the purpose
  • Establishing credibility via social proof and testimonials

6 Website Landing Page Examples – An In-Depth Look

  • Shopify Landing Page Example (E-commerce)

    Website landing page example of Shopify

    Key Takeaways from Shopify Landing Page

    • A very clean design is paired with self-explanatory text
    • Logo, headline, CTA and visuals are all present above the fold
    • Minimal colors with optimal use of whitespace let CTA pop-out
    • Clear goal to convert visitors into leads
    • Used images quickly and effectively reflect the purpose of service
    • Established credibility by showcasing trust figures and logos of quality reviewers
    • Users just have to fill email address to start their free trial
  • Lyft Landing Page Example (On-demand Services)

    Website landing page example of Lyft

    Key Takeaways from Lyft Landing Page

    • Benefit-oriented headline draws visitors’ attention
    • Quickly states the product’s USP
    • Relevant human image keeping goal in mind
    • Easy to fill short form for potential customers
    • The calculator feature allows visitors to check how much money they could earn
    • Pink CTA button does stand out on the page
  • Uber Landing Page Example (On-demand Services)

    Website landing page example of Uber

    Key Takeaways from Uber Landing Page

    • Page design is clean and simple but efficient
    • Simple color palette, highlighting CTA button and white space work well together
    • Quality visual separation on the page
    • Headline tells us exactly what brand stands for
    • Minimal navigation and fewer distractions to the visitor
    • Mentioned points explained valuable offerings for partners
    • Showcasing terms and policies deliver clarity and authenticity
  • Zendesk Landing Page Example (SaaS Services)

    Zendesk website landing page example

    Key Takeaways from Zendesk Landing Page

    • Clear headline with supporting text- no mysteries
    • Used homepage as a landing page
    • Clean design with few visual elements
    • Very simple form to fill with three heads
    • The image above the fold is a computer screen displaying company software
    • Single CTA button with singular goal of scheduling demo
    • Contrasting CTA on light background is popping out
  • Salesforce Landing Page Example (SaaS Services)

    Salesforce website landing page example

    Key Takeaways from Salesforce Landing Page

    • Landing page is divided into two sections- with left side showcasing content and right side signup form
    • Benefit oriented headline – Company is giving complete service free for 30 days
    • More freebies after sign up are great to convert the visitors
    • Easily readable points
    • Callaway access with an expert for queries
    • Company software slide on computer screen
    • Company stats telling Customers growth and increased revenue creates credibility
    • Clearly mentioned privacy policy
  • Upwork Landing Page Example (Talent On Demand Services)

    Upwork website landing page example

    Key Takeaways from Upwork Landing Page

    • Singular goal and target targeted traffic
    • Clean design is very compelling
    • Single CTA button focused on the offer
    • 'Download now' stands out on the page with a bright green CTA button
    • Use of white space allows persuasive elements on the page to stand out

Landing page CTA trigger welcome email

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Copying successful landing pages of your competitors will not ensure that you will also receive the same results for your brand. There are many factors that motivate your prospects to turn into your leads. But with creative strategies, design thinking, and interesting content you can create landing pages to engage your target visitors and convert them to the next stage in their buying journey.

Create better-personalized experiences for your customers and pull your prospects deeper into your sales funnel by offering something that they cannot ignore.

Now, if you are ready let’s implement the must-have strategical points of these above shared 6 high-converting website landing pages in your own landing page campaigns.

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