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15 Best Landing Pages Examples

Blog / 15 Best Landing Pages Examples

As an integral part of digital marketing strategy, every organization is in a contest to create the best landing page for their campaigns.

Be it to sell something, capture new email subscribers, or get registrations for an event, a landing page is a powerful online marketing tool to drive conversions for any purpose of choice.

With growing digital-savvy shoppers worldwide reaching 2.14 billion in 2021, you need more impressive landing pages to generate new leads & convert them into your paying customers.

Alright then, without further ado, let me show you the best 15 landing page examples.

15 Best Landing Page Examples to Get Inspired

Get inspired by the below-listed landing page design examples that we have shortlisted from the vast web ocean. Review them thoroughly, grab the best out of them, and implement the needed strategies in your next landing page design.

15 best landing pages design examples

Criteria of The Choice

Before moving ahead we want to give you clarity regarding our criteria of choice for these landing pages. After scrutinizing landing pages throughout the web we have concluded to enter them in our most performing list.

After a close and thorough inspection of various components like Headlines, sub-headlines, offers, CTA, graphics, visuals, layouts, and more, we are obelized to present the qualities these landing pages possess and certify that you will be benefited.

  • Example 1 - Shopify

    Shopify landing page, sell online pitch with signup

    Points to consider

    • Logo, headline, CTA, and visuals are all available to the viewer above the fold
    • The logo on the top isn’t overshadowing the pitch line
    • Short and the enticing headline that quickly states the USP
    • Sub-headline immediately supports the headline and projects higher scope
    • Engaging graphics and visuals are disclosing the offerings
    • Free trails without any obligations to give more details like credit card
    • Eye-catching CTA with a standout background
  • Example 2 - Mixpanel

    Mixpanel landing page, product benchmarks reports summary

    Points to consider

    • Headline that puts you in the right state of mind to act now
    • Sub-headline is building the trust with fact and figures
    • Engaging visual of the report gives a clear idea of what exactly you will get
    • There is one very clear call to action
    • The CTA button color contrasts the white page well
    • Showcase of well-known brands that also use the software
    • Authentic testimonials by the actual customers act as proof of validity
  • Example 3 - Lyft

    Lyft landing page, sign up with mobile to drive

    Points to consider

    • Clear, crisp and short headline
    • Minimal content and doesn’t overwhelm the site visitor with too much copy
    • Straight forward signup form asking few details
    • Single CTA button on the page
    • FAQ’s to help site visitor better understand the service
    • Footer CTA to prompt the visitor again before leaving the page
  • Example 4 - Airbnb

    Airbnb landing page, claim your offer when ordering your trip

    Points to consider

    • Irresistible offers
    • Three offers together under one CTA
    • Big CTA button creating excitement to claim an offer
    • Hero image of the real tourist destination
    • Relevant information that increases the expectations
  • Example 5 - Masterclass

    Masterclass landing page, sign up for online classes

    Points to consider

    • Headline is inciting visitors to think and take action
    • Celebrity video on top is highly motivating
    • Pricing is clear and transparent, no hidden costs
    • Multiple signup options through social platforms or email
    • Renowned Company badges associate Masterclass with well-known brands
  • Example 6 - LinkedIn

    LinkedIn landing page, get started with linkedIn ads

    Points to consider

    • More targeted approach by linking the main logo with a suffix
    • Landing page with a singular purpose
    • Relevant hero image showing a happy professional
    • Headline is acting as a guideline to act
    • Visually appealing CTA with direct offering used twice
    • Facts and figures to build trust
    • Clutter-free layout with the good usage of whitespace
  • Example 7 - Nauto

    Nauto landing page, download fleet safety ebook now

    Points to consider

    • The image of the eBook provides visitors with a preview of what they can expect to receive
    • Visual image in line with the message
    • Form with minimum field to fill and heading
    • Clear CTA to get the offer
    • Statistics to stamp the information provided
    • Reminder to get the offer with new CTA below-the-fold
    • Company badges and testimonials add trust value
  • Example 8 - Udemy

    Udemy landing page, sign up for demo with virtual training

    Points to consider

    • Hero image of a working professional that relates easily with visitors
    • Test explaining the headline is to the point and convey the benefits
    • Catchy headline with a clear message
    • Important message is highlighted with the contrast color
    • Two CTAs both above the fold with different action text
    • Testimonials that bring confidence to get started
    • Incorporated human images and success story videos to put extra spice
  • Example 9 - Microsoft

    Microsoft landing page, sign up for webinar

    Points to consider

    • Copy is describing the content of the webinar convincingly
    • More benefits with bullet points are associated with the main content
    • The landing page is created to market and generate leads for the webinar
    • Hero image is actually representing the main theme of learning
    • Photographs of the expert speakers increase the curiosity and reliability
    • All the content is above the fold and without scroll
    • Clear registration form with fields quite easy to fill
  • Example 10 - Uber

    Uber landing page, signup to become a driver

    Points to consider

    • Convincing headline is inviting the visitors to join right away
    • Visual illustrations quickly describe the page intent
    • Clear form headline is revealing why to fill the form
    • Easy form fields asking necessary details only
    • FAQ’s for better understanding and resolving immediate queries
    • CTA in contrast color is strong in the overall visual presence
  • Example 11 - Wecause

    Wecause landing page, give a donation or start a fundraiser

    Points to consider

    • Visual in the background feels positive, human, and related to the goal
    • Describing Video automatically builds trust and makes it easier for people to connect
    • Clear above-the-fold CTA in contrast to the background
    • Time count-down entices a sense of urgency to act fast
    • Multiple donation options
    • Security and trust badges for added authenticity proof
  • Example 12 - Netflix

    Netflix landing page, email signup get started

    Points to consider

    • One-field form that just asks your email to get started
    • Headline is to-the-point and clearly explains the benefits
    • The text under the headline is assuring the visitor stating extra benefits of usage
    • Minimum content for fewer distractions
    • Same CTA is used two times one above the fold and one at the end of the page
    • Usage of dropdown FAQs for solving immediate queries
  • Example 13 - Marketo

    Marketo landing page, signup to contact sales

    Points to consider

    • Everything is placed above-the-fold, no scrolling
    • The headline tells visitors exactly what it is about
    • Neat form demanding only fields that are needed or necessary
    • To-the-point copy allows visitors to quickly scan
    • An appealing image that showcases working professionals
  • Example 14 - Dropbox

    Dropbox landing page, text link for dropbox for android

    Points to consider

    • Clutter-free minimal layout and design
    • Clear and self-explanatory text
    • Image is depicting exactly what service deliverable is available here
    • Multiple options to receive the offer through text or email
    • Straight forward CTA that conveys the offer
    • Two CTAs one inside the button and one with the clickable link
  • Example 15 - Codeacademy

    Codeacademy landing page, try it for free

    Points to consider

    • Headlines stand-out with unique USP
    • Word pro with the Codeacademy logo get highlighted with purple color
    • CTA with contrast background color is popping out
    • Benefits are showcased in list form are self-explanatory
    • Visuals of professional people are creating a psychological push
    • Multi-color usage in the page is creating vibrancy and freshness
    • Badges of big company names certify the credibility
Landing page on different devices

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Why Landing Page is Important for Businesses?

The research found that businesses with 31 to 40 landing pages generated 7 times more leads than businesses with only 1 to 5 landing pages.

And the numbers get even more impressive: businesses with over 40 landing pages generated a whopping 12 times more leads than those with only 1 to 5 landing pages.

Pitch, why landing pages are important for business

Landing pages lead customers to a specific product, service, or offer and encourage them to take action. Conversion-optimized post-click landing pages attract new visitors to your business and convert those visitors into leads.

Target, Promote, Generate, Convert

4 steps for conversion process, target, promote, generate, convert

The below-mentioned 9 points will give you a clear idea of why landing pages are an indispensable part of marketing and critical to business success.

  • Target a Specific Audience

    By creating landing pages, you can target specific customer personas showcasing offers and content that directly impact them. Having the targeting capabilities of landing pages, separate pages can be created for each customer segment.

    Segmenting traffic by their demographics, interests, etc. will primarily boost search engine visibility and bring quality leads for your business.

  • A Great Way to Qualified Leads

    Landing pages are the most sustainable way to generate traffic and get qualified leads through the traffic for your business. With landing pages in your marketing arsenal, a significant amount of traffic that is landing on the page gets easily converted to become a new lead.

    Traffic coming to your landing page can be from an organic source or paid source, landing pages ensures the solution to a problem and share a unique value proposition with the visitor.

  • To Promote Product or Services

    Landing pages are standalone web pages designed to promote a product or service with a single goal set in mind. One landing page is created for one product promotion and does not involve multi-product offerings, leading it to a more focused in its approach.

    Break the website monotony by creating landing pages in a variety of looks and styles by following all the principles of landing page creation to encourage more sales.

  • Improve Brand Awareness and Credibility

    As an extension to online marketing efforts, landing pages helps in establishing better brand awareness among the audience. Having improvised opportunities of engagement with the visitor, landing pages positively impact your business credibility.

  • Focused and Free from Distraction

    Landing pages are designed for direct communication targeted specifically to groups and segments within your audience. Focused on one conversion goal landing page uses only elements that are very much needed on your page.

    Useless components like navigational links, extra form fields, content load, multi CTAs are not a part of converting landing pages. Landing pages contribute towards relevant and reasonably prominent conversations with the page visitors.

  • Higher Conversion Rate

    The landing page will often increase single visit conversion rates in comparison to the websites or other means of targeting. Engaging the audience with focused and personalized content creates an inviting experience thus lead to higher conversions.

  • Increase the Potential Client List

    The landing page helps to amplify email sign-up rates hence bringing more potential clients for your business. No business can survive long with old email lists; you need to have constant growth by adding fresh contacts to your email database.

    Optimized Landing pages that are subscriber-worthy turn suspects into subscribers and ultimately future buyers.

  • Generate Data and Insights

    Tracking, analyzing, and monitoring the landing page performance actively will generate a lot of fruitful insights for your business.

    From offer comparisons to visitor behaviors on the landing page, data collected can help in the evaluation of the present success rate and will become a pathway for future tactics. Important metrics to consider are bounce rate, top page views, average time spent, sessions by source.

  • Chances to Rank Higher in Searches

    Optimized landing pages use all the on-page SEO essential factors to rank higher and generate more traffic.

    Landing pages created with the key elements in consideration like keyword mapping, proper tagging, readability, search intent content, image alt attributes, and Meta descriptions increase your chance to rank and perform better in search engine rankings.

3 Types of Landing Pages to Help You Meet Your Marketing Goals

The landing page is designed by the marketers with the specific purpose around which the overall marketing campaign revolves. After a suspected customer clicks the online ad he is directed to the particular page with more detailed information, that page on which he lands is called a landing page.

Landing pages are used as destination pages for these ads where customers interact with the page elements and take decisive actions of their choice.

  • Splash Page

    A splash page is an introductory screen, popup, or overlay display that appears over the top of the web page where the customer is landed in search of the information. Crisp, concise, and very useful in delivering the right information to the right person at the right time.

    You can use splash pages to:

    • Promote a new offer or product
    • Simple newsletter signups
    • Downloads or discounts in exchange for an email
    • Limited-time sale, an upcoming launch, or an event
    • Allow visitors to choose a region or a language
    • Display a disclaimer or age verification for visitors
    • Put a warning or an alert

    Landing page example with email popup subscribe

  • Squeeze Page

    A squeeze page is a landing page designed specifically to capture the opt-in email addresses of the visitors. Squeeze pages are designed in such a way as to use incentives, special offers, and other psychological tactics in order to “squeeze” a visitor into providing their e-mail.

    A squeeze page for email marketing list

  • Sales Page

    A page where you are selling your product or service is a sales page. A type of landing page that is created with a prime focus on one promotion.

    Effective sales pages encourage conversions and endorse a strong intent to showcase value to the target audience. Create a sales page with relevant information that solves the problems, promotes awareness, and leads the visitor to the final purchase.

    Landing page pitching real estate

9 Important Tips That Make a Landing Page Highly Effective

The thing that separates a good landing page from a great one is to make sure you hit all the preferred elements into your creation that are proven and time tested. Make sure you use our below-listed tips, so you can create better-converting landing pages.

  • Purpose

    Landing pages lead visitors to a specific product, service, or offer and encourage them to take action in favor of the company. Unlike web pages that are typically created for overall brand goals in focus, landing pages are designed with a single purpose of generating leads for the business.

    Traffic from landing pages produce leads

  • Content

    A landing page should offer all the necessary information that pulls prospects further into the customer conversion funnel.

    Marketers or designers must have the best use of the below-mentioned copywriting tips to create compelling marketing content that is appealing and conversion-centric.

    • Create your content keeping the target persona in mind.
    • Make the landing page content easy to scan.
    • Write Content that describes benefits and features.
    • Make your copy sincere and conversational.
    • Create original and unique content.
    • Customer-oriented content with a good value proposition.
    • Write a creative headline that strikes immediately.
    • Use sub-headlines to emphasize and support the main pitch line.

    12 points to create the best landing pages

  • Offer

    Creating a specific landing page to promote a specific offer increases the chance of visitors to get converted. A landing page helps to yield desired visitor action by offering valuable resources like freebies, limited sales, discounts, invitations, etc.

    • Make offers that create a sense of urgency.
    • Focus the whole page on a single offer.
    • Promise only that you can deliver.
    • Create a new landing page for each offer.

    Landing page with hotel booking offers

  • Layout

    A good landing page layout maintains minimalist and attractive visual information non-intrusively. Effective design must focus on a specific message without overloading the page with information, links, images that are irrelevant to overall conversion goals.

    • Create landing pages that guide visitors to clear conversion points.
    • Keep all the important components above the fold.
    • Structure your page using either the F or Z layout as your guide.
    • Match your color, headline, design to the ad message your visitor clicked to land on the page.
    • Create original and unique content.
    • Have no distracting navigation links.
    • Make sure landing pages are responsive or mobile-friendly.

    The best layout for landing pages on mobile and desktop

  • Visuals and Videos

    Visuals are the best assets of any landing page design that are the centerpiece to visitor persuasion. Use enticing visual elements that are not complex to understand and drive the audience to convert.

    Videos tied to the campaign and are embedded in the landing page help in the easy product demonstration. Use videos on your landing page to better attract, engage, and delight your visitors.

    • Use an enticing and convincing hero image.
    • Use videos that relate to your prime offer.
    • Create videos that translate the value of a product or service.
    • Try to create short and to-the-point videos.

    The best layout for landing pages with videos and visuals

  • Forms

    Forms can be the biggest barriers to your landing page performance, optimize them to perform by keeping them clear and relevant. Craft your forms to strike a perfect balance between the number of fields and data requirements.

    • Convert visitors to leads by encouraging them to complete a form.
    • Choosing your form fields carefully to gain quality leads.
    • Don’t force your visitors to fill unnecessary form fields, ask for vitals only.
    • Give them a strong reason or offer to complete the form.
    • Choose a simple form that makes it very easy for a visitor to sign up.
    • Create forms for vertical scroll, so that they’re easy to complete for mobile users.

    Landing page with signup form for account creation

  • Social Proof

    Positive influence on page visitors by establishing trust in them through user reviews and ratings for your product or a brand on social media platforms is called social proof.

    To provide the evidence or proof of validation that whatever you are saying is true can be a powerful move to convince the prospects to convert.

    93% of customers read online reviews and these reviews help to build trust.

    • Include social proofs for trustworthiness.
    • Add social widgets, so visitors can ‘tweet’ your page or ‘Like’ it on Facebook.

    Testimonials from clients who are satisfied

  • Call-to-Action

    The most important component typically a button, a clickable image, or a link that makes or breaks the landing page success can be called CTA or call to action. A button that prompts your visitors to take the desired action and has a direct link to present or future sales.

    • Use only one CTA, if possible.
    • CTA can vary in style and size.
    • While designing CTA think about color-contrast and encapsulation.
    • Create a clickable CTA that communicates exactly what the customer will get after clicking.

    Best landing pages with call to action buttons

  • Testing

    By frequent testing and tweaking of the landing page elements, you can optimize them to maximize exposure and conversion rate. Create variations of landing pages with different test elements and check the performance by analyzing the collected data.

    A good landing page test compares two slightly different versions of the same page, identifies the problems, and rectifies them to uncover conversion opportunities. Studies have shown that correct targeting and testing methods can increase conversion rates by 300%.

    • Identify the low performing landing pages by measuring clicks, conversions, and CPC.
    • Optimize for conversions with A/B testing.
    • Less page load time for faster experiences.
    • Continuously test to improve your landing page performance.

    A b testing landing pages


Landing pages lead your target online customers to a specific product, service, or offer and encourage them to take your desired conversion actions.

Strategically designed targeted landing pages directly boost conversion rates hence increasing the profitability of your marketing campaign. Proven for dramatic impacts on visitors’ decision making a landing page is becoming a tool of choice for marketers.

I am sure after going through these landing page examples now you're ready to create your next high converting landing page having exceptional conversion potential.

If you're ready let's create one right now in less than 10 minutes using this free DIY landing page builder tool.