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Global SMS Messaging

Reach instantly and drive conversions from anywhere in the world

  • Deliver SMS to international customers
  • Reliable and scalable for bulk targeting
  • No borders – all countries are supported
  • Cost-effective, fast & ensure timely deliveries

Effective targeting offering localized experience

Simple setup &

No Coding
no fuss

Go omnichannel
SMS with Email

Real time insight
& detailed insights

Auto CRM Tags for

Rich SMS 2.0 –
landing page

Secure and reliable

Send SMS in
native languages

GDPR, Regulatory
compliance & TCPA

SMS Bulk

Get all your messages delivered even during peak hours without any delays

  • Higher SMS delivery throughput
  • Target any number of contacts
  • Priority-based queue processing and management
  • Smart instantaneous SMS routing

Find out more – SMS Bulk


Advance and automate your SMS targeting using our RESTful SMS API

  • Quick to implement
  • Easy to integrate – everything is explained
  • Robust and scalable to meet your growing business needs

Find out more – SMS API

SMS Gateway

Comparatively better throughput, built-in partitioning, replication & fault-tolerance

  • Performs effectively for any data size
  • Cluster-based processing for better results
  • Everything is trackable and reported

SMS Price

Reasonably priced and more affordable than other solutions in the market

  • Pay only for what you use – no extra charges
  • Simple and transparent pricing
  • Worldwide regional targeting at marginal cost

100% delivery rate! Send personalized engaging SMS campaigns at the best price

Simple-to-use. Codefree. Global reach.
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SMS Templates

Create SMS Templates in minutes, Alter anytime and Save for future targeting

  • Use effective campaigns multiple times by simply saving them as templates
  • Templates help you to be more productive and automate your SMS sendings
  • SMS with text, SMS with Landing Page, SMS with Signup forms, Opt-out page with an exit survey

Find out more – SMS Templates

SMS 2.0 - Rich SMS

Simple SMS isn’t enough! Add more value and conversion possibilities with SMS 2.0

  • Provide a unique conversion experience by adding a personalized landing page to your SMS campaign
  • Gain 10x more engagement, conversion & sales
  • People engage with content before making their final purchase or conversion decisions – solved!

Find out more – SMS 2.0 – Rich SMS

SMS Triggers

Automate Sending of previously created and saved SMS Campaign templates

  • Trigger these using our API or add it within a Landing Page, Email, or in a Signup Form
  • Save you time and keeps target customers informed or notified on time without a miss
  • Builds a better customer experience and improves customer retention

Find out more – SMS Triggers

SMS Unsubscribe (Opt-out)

Easily add SMS Opt-out option in one click be SMS Compliant & avoid high penalties

  • Give your customers an easy way to opt-out to be compliant with regulations
  • Easily provide a quick opt-out or add a short exit survey form – codefree
  • Auto-updated in CRM list as an opted-out contact and will be skipped during mass sendings

Find out more – SMS Unsubscribe (Opt-out)

SMS Subscribe (Double Opt-in)

SMS Double Opt-in verifies the Customers mobile number

  • Lowers the churn rate, regulatory compliant & highly engaging contacts list to target
  • Double opt-in verifies full consent and make sure your Delivery rate stays at 100%
  • Know your subscribers better by adding a questionnaire or survey. Reward them for joining by sending a thank you message having a quick offer.

Find out more – SMS Subscribe (Double Opt-in)

Save time, be more productive and automate your SMS sendings

Create in minutes. Trigger Sendings.
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SMS Send

Send with confidence & get all your messages delivered on time

  • Start small and effortlessly, scale anytime
  • Supports manual, API & automated sendings
  • Less failures & 99,9% uptime

Find out more – SMS Send

Instant reach, quick to consume & high-converting SMS sendings

99,8% average
global delivery rate

Know the best time and
day to send your SMSs

Personalized messages
with higher engagement

Live SMS Sendings
status and reports

SMS Sending Goals
for better conversions

Send in seconds using
pre-defined Templates

Easily automate your
SMS sendings using
Triggers & API calls

Target relevant customer
segments with ease and
in few clicks

Indepth performance stats
against SMS sendings &
linked landing pages

SMS Scheduling

Stay ahead and preplan your SMS sendings for future dates & times

  • Smartly nurture your customers by crafting and engaging experience at every state of a sales funnel
  • Be SMS ready in advance & discover more opportunities to grow your business & profits
  • Easily schedule future known sendings like alerts, notifications, or time-bound promotions for days or even months in advance

Find out more – SMS Scheduling

Advanced Segmentation

Target the most relevant group with highly engaging SMS marketing campaigns

  • Understand target audience group with in-depth insights & create strongly relevant user segments
  • Targeted SMS campaigns drive skyhigh conversions & eradicate the churn rate
  • Easily create auto-updating dynamic segment groups by defining relevancy filters & parameters

Find out more – Advanced Segmentation

SMS Personalization

Connect more, distill loyalty, gain positive attention and better engagement

  • Add a pinch of familiarity & craft personalized promotional SMS campaigns using simple CRM tags
  • SMS is the most personal & direct communication channel since personalization is must to have
  • Personalized SMS marketing campaigns are opened & consumed more leading better brand following

SMS Sender Name

Add value, become recognizable & increase the likelihood of getting your message read

  • SMS Sender Name is the first thing that recipients will see and if they find it recognizable they will open it
  • Add SMS Sender Name and use it every time you communicate with your target customers
  • Support for Alphanumeric sender names and buy US, Canada and Indian numeric sender names

Send SMS 2.0 or Rich SMS

Engage, Convert and Sell more, send SMS marketing campaigns with landing pages

  • Deliver engaging & happy customer experiences by combining SMS campaigns with landing pages
  • Use our Free DIY Landing page builder to create & launch associated landing pages in minutes
  • Add short links in your SMS campaigns to lead your customers towards specific landing page

Find out more – Send SMS 2.0 or Rich SMS

Personalized, rich and highly engaging SMS campaigns for better conversions

Instant reach. Unique experience. More sales.
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SMS Goals

Set, track, compare & analyze SMS Goals to refine your SMS marketing strategy

  • Have more control over performance by monitoring predefining SMS sending & linked landing page conversion goals
  • Closely monitor & understand the growth pattern and strategize accordingly for better outcomes
  • SMS goal helps you set benchmarks for success aligned with your business goals

Find out more – SMS Goals

SMS Insights

Indepth real time insights give you the powerful ability to measure your campaigns’ effectiveness

  • Understand your target audiences’ interactivity & preferences better to devise the success blueprint
  • Be able to make timely intelligent decisions and take improvement actions to achieve exceptional revenue and business growth
  • See what is working for you and where you need to improve for future targeting

Find out more – SMS Insights

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