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6 points For a Highly Converting Squeeze Page

Blog / 6 points For a Highly Converting Squeeze Page

Squeeze page with high conversion rate

Squeeze page is the secret weapon of digital marketers for lead generation.

It is the most converting type of landing page for email list building. If you’re here that means you have an awesome offer, you know how-to and where to promote it to grab maximum hits. But to convert them into your leads is not that simple right.

You need a perfect squeeze page where they’ll find your amazing offer and couldn’t hesitate to share their names & email ids to grab it. A good squeeze page will have at least a 12% conversion rate which is 3 to 5 times more than an average landing page conversion rate. And with better page optimization you can skyrocket it up to 27% and more.

Let’s discover how to create irresistible high converting squeeze pages.

6 points to highly converting squeeze pages

Squeeze pages are designed with an important design principle – “Minimum Distraction and Maximum Attention.”

Designing a squeeze page is a very creative task, and it becomes more difficult as you have to achieve that with content and visual restrictions.

In a nutshell, convince the potential customer with the strong offerings that are impossible to ignore, write bold and unforgettable headlines, use unique CTA’s, readable fonts, appealing visuals and you will be straight on the path to generating new subscribers for your business.

Now, let’s discover in detail the must-know 6 points of highly converting squeeze page:

  • Copy (distraction-free & enticing)

    Distraction on the page brings no conversions, get rid of all the elements and components like extra content topics, links, sub-headers, clickable buttons that are confusing.

    Advance in squeeze page designed with a single goal in mind to capture the email address.

    • Memorable headline

      Create bold headlines keeping user benefits as a prime focus. Clarity in communication in one glance is the way to win the new subscriber.

    • All above the fold

      Content exposure and prospect engagement are initiated above the fold; place all your important components in the upper part of the page.

    • Visuals that make sense

      65% of the population consists of visual learners, images that include people display curiosity and inspire the visitor.

    • Keep restricted don’t overfeed

      Short, straight forward, to the point information or written content is the key while creating squeeze pages.

    • Social proofs

      Either testimonials, ratings, or figures related to likes/ shares can bring validity, legibility, and authenticity to your claims.

      Highly converting squeeze page

    Points to avoid
    “Marketing jargons, Fancy fonts, Dull colors, Navigation links”

    Points to consider
    “Active verbs, Sense of urgency, Bold colors”

  • Offer (one & only valuable offer)

    Don’t fell into the scenario to provide so many offers on one page. One compelling offer can influence the visitor to take action.

    Landing pages with multiple offers get 266% fewer leads than single offer pages. Remember the paradox of choice - Less is more! Don’t create confusion, the goal is to make it easy for visitors to convert by accepting your offer.

    Higher the value of your offer the higher will be the conversion rates. Generic offers are available throughout the web, visitors will share their crucial info only if they will get something exclusive and unique.

    Create an offer that appeals the most to your target prospects and incorporate it in bold size all above in the headline.

    Simple landing page, with one offer

  • Form fields (minimalistic simple form)

    Limit the number of fields visitor needs to fill out, ask only what is relevant, vital and you can live with.

    Don’t ask for irrelevant fills like names, phone numbers, and physical addresses. It takes two seconds for the potential subscriber to get irritated and leave the page. Be careful in your demands as you are not the boss here, it’s the prospect who owns the show. Extra fields will just distract the main purpose of getting the email address and potential opportunities can turn into fumes in a moment.

    Ask that is needed - Embed forms with one or two components like email and name are more than enough.

    Landing page with form fields

  • Call to action (clear, crisp and easily accessible)

    Call to action or CTA's are the buttons that can make or break the deal, as the last touch point that delivers conversion it gets very important to create CTA's carefully.

    Vibrant, enticing, and visibility are the three points you need to consider while designing them.

    Important points to consider:

    • Single CTA in your squeeze page and place above the fold
    • You can use floating or 2x repeated
    • Use contrasting colors
    • Display clear and descriptive CTA's
    • Benefit oriented
    • Prioritize with font type and style

    Squeeze page with download call to action

  • Exit intent popup (thank you deal)

    As the visitor turns into a subscriber don’t close the deal there, appreciation for subscribing to you and say thanks to the subscriber will give extra joy to his deed that you really care about him.

    Simultaneously you can again offer more to your subscriber as a token of care and express how much he matters to you.

    Squeeze page popup when exit intent will give extra joy

  • Follow up (stay connected & nurture your audience)

    You got the email, primary purpose of squeeze page is been resolved. Now, you to stay in constant contact with your subscriber and you have to creatively bring him closer to your business.

    No deal is real till it is not matured; nurture your subscriber till he is not turned into an actual customer.

    Squeeze page web thank you page

Offers that you can host on your squeeze page

Freebies that are associated with your interest act as a stimulus and lead you to perform actions to receive it.

Nowadays, visitors just get annoyed or lose interest if you ask for email addresses in general and without luring offers and irritation from regular marketing gimmicks can lead them to even leave the page.

The Internet is crowded with scam websites and the same boring offers everywhere. Squeeze pages can give a boost to your email list but for that, you have to put extra effort into the content you are creating for sharing and hence luring the visitors. Old bland content strategies and loose offers are not going to work.

Below are a few components that you can host on your squeeze page:

  • Downloadable freebies
  • Exclusive videos not launched anywhere else on the web
  • Free courses through email
  • Daily news on email
  • Exclusive launches just for you
  • Whitepapers only released on your site
  • Latest research papers
  • Free templates and graphics

Value offerings hosted on Squeeze pages generate intensity and encouragement within the potential subscribers to share the email addresses and in exchange get benefited.

“Squeeze page – “Create a trap, not a crap”

Give them what they want and create a desire, so that potential subscribers don’t have a chance to leave, put him in a psychological trap of persuasion that without any delay or second thought he accepts your offer and give his email address.

Before proceeding with creating your own squeeze pages make sure that you understand the following fundamental aspects of Squeeze Pages.

Squeeze pages for email, sms and web

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6 things that you need to know about Squeeze pages

  • The concept of a squeeze page

    “A type of landing page created or designed to convince the visitors to give their email address is called a squeeze page.”

    Restricted in content and straightforward communication makes squeeze page unique in its approach. Though traditional landing pages are created with the thought of diverse goals like getting views, click-through, sales, etc, while squeeze pages are created with the single intention of capturing the email address of the potential visitor or to make him/her opt-in as a subscriber.

    Squeeze pages are lead magnets designed in a way that visitors who landed on your page through various online advertisements (like pay-per-click, email campaigns, social media links, etc) get convinced and do not hesitate to give their email ids. Email addresses are the most sought assets that businesses want to gain and squeeze pages help get it done for them that too in an easy way. A squeeze page is termed with various names some of the famous ones are opt-in pages or signup pages.

    If you want to understand the concept of squeeze pages further along with some real brands' inspiring squeeze page examples, explore our article about what is a squeeze page?

  • What visitor information or data you want to collect from the lead generation squeeze form?

    The answer is clear and simple, it is the email address of the visitor. The whole content of the squeeze page should be driven towards the single motivation of capturing the most valuable asset of your visitor.

    If you can get inside the inbox of your prospect half the battle of lead generation and future sales is already won by you.

    Ebook squeeze page, get email address of the visitor

  • Why capturing email addresses is that important for businesses?

    To reap the benefits and grow with time, building an authentic email list should be a top priority for all marketers.

    If you are wondering that email is still not a worthwhile marketing strategy to go for, here are some email statistics that can give you a pretty good idea of why capturing the email addresses of the visitors is the biggest win for marketers.

    • While roughly 306.4 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2020, the figure is expected to increase to over 376 billion daily mails in 2025.
    • For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42.

    Long gone are the days when inboxes are filled with spam emails and email users tend to ignore most of their daily emails. With advanced and stricter spam policies and reporting user inboxes are cleaner and often spam-free.

    This makes email a more important channel for marketing communication as it’s a direct personal contact platform where users are more willing to receive and engage with business information messages, promotional content, and offers sent to their email inboxes.

    • When it comes to purchases made as a result of receiving a marketing message, email has the highest conversion rate (66%), when compared to social, direct mail, and more.
    • Email is 40x more effective at acquiring customers than Facebook and Twitter combined.

    Email inbox containing high conversion squeeze page

    Email inboxes are proven more converting coz they provide a distraction-free environment for users unlike social media platforms and other channels. And as it is hosted online and users are accessing it either on computer devices or via their smartphones, it let them perform quick CTA actions (like click to call, add to cart, download now, buy now, etc) instantly without any additional effort simply with a single click or two.

    • 86% of customers would like to receive monthly promotional emails, while 15% would like to receive them daily.
    • 80% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention.

    Email marketing is not going anywhere in nearby years, it is still the best when it comes to reaching and convincing the prospect.

    Though marketers apply various strategies to seize the email addresses of the prospective customers through the web but in all these strategies, there is one highly convincing lead generation approach that hit the jackpot of gaining visitor email right away is the Squeeze page.

    The more leads you collect, the more opportunities you have for sales and squeeze pages typically sweep some of the highest conversion rates out of all the different types of landing pages.

  • Three types of squeeze pages

    Squeeze pages can be categorized in typically three categories mentioned below:

    • Standalone squeeze page

      This is a standalone page on your website having email as the sole conversion goal. A dedicated squeeze page for just email capturing can be a pleasant experience for the visitors that will surely boost your conversion rate.

      Create a unique and special offer within your squeeze page that visitors will not get anywhere else, because without a relevant value proposition visitors will not share their personal data with you.

      Standalone squeeze page for event registration

    • Pop-up squeeze page

      Pop-up squeeze pages refer to the targeted displays or lightboxes that appear overtop of the main content on the page right at the critical point in the customer lifecycle.

      Like a pop-up or overlay that emerges the second visitors land on the page, spend a few minutes on the page, or while they are exiting the page. With the option to cancel, the visitors can close it right away (there’s a “Close” button in the upper right-hand corner of the pop-up) or as they will input their email address in the entry field it will go away itself.

      Though the popup pages can be annoying and hamper good user experience while when done right, the results may even overwhelmingly surprise you.

      Pop-up squeeze page, first order discount

      Important tip
      By setting the time triggers, scroll triggers, or page targeting, overlays can be a great opportunity to show a special offer of your service or product and to influence the target audience to take the offer in return for their email.

    • Homepage as a squeeze page

      Home pages are full of various elements and navigational links that all are competing for visitors’ attention and can divert visitors’ attention.

      To place a signup form on the homepage can be a great strategy to generate conversions but to achieve that you must optimize your home page for maximum attention. Irresistible offerings, enticing CTA, and convincing content help the homepage achieve similar goals to squeeze page.

      Homepage as a squeeze page

      Important tip
      Follow standard practices like – effective SEO tagging, remove distractions, add a clear headline, offer compelling value-proposition, use social proof indicators like customer reviews, client/partner logos, repeat signup or opt-in form, and use an exit-intent popup to add an additional lead capturing opportunity that is too irresistible to ignore by your website visitors.

      Following illustration demonstrates the standard practices & tips to follow when you’re using your homepage as a ‘Squeeze Page’:

      Homepage as a squeeze page strategy

  • What’s the difference between a Squeeze Page and a Landing Page?

    A squeeze page is a type of landing page created for a specific goal of capturing the email addresses of the visitors. In comparison, a post-click landing page is a standalone page with one conversion goal but the goals can be any like sales, downloads, signups, registrations, etc.

    "All squeeze pages are landing pages, but not all landing pages are squeeze pages.”

    Landing pages vs Squeeze pages

    Let’s check key differences between landing page vs squeeze page:

    Landing Pages Squeeze Pages
    It is always a standalone page. It’s not necessarily a standalone page. (Sometimes it can be on homepage too)
    Vary in length, It may be a short page or a long page. Often much shorter and direct in approach.
    Contain multiple form fields, to gather relevant and detailed information from the visitors. Contain only one or two form fields e.g. name and email address.
    Consist of various elements like videos, graphics, forms, social proof and elaborative content. Multiple conversion goals that encourage visitors to purchase a specific product or service, submit their contact information through a lead generation form, sign up for a free trial, or click through to another page.
    Single conversion goal and is only focused on capturing visitors Email address .
    Can be used at any point in the buyer journey. Typically used near the start of the buyer journey.
    Takes more time to create. Takes less time to create.
  • Potential subscribers journey in a squeeze page

    Difference between a squeeze page and a landing page

    • Suspects (attention)

      Searching and browsing through various websites in search of solutions the suspect comes in contact with various online advertisements you are running on the web like social media, emails etc. Advertisement marketing campaigns entice potential visitors to click on these ads and finally land on the squeeze pages.

    • Prospects (persuasion)

      The suspect becomes a prospect when he has taken active action on one of your pages. The prospect has shown interest and is ready for conversion. For example, after clicking the online ads and email links the potential client land on the squeeze page. Lure him with the offer he can't miss or ignore, persuasion to perform the desired action is the main goal here. Create the best copy of your squeeze page that converts prospective subscribers into real subscribers.

    • Leads (translation)

      The prospect is now your subscriber and you have got the email address of your visitor. Squeeze page effectiveness can only be measured with your growing email list. You are doing amazing if you are doing conversions and your campaigns are not working that means you have not designed your squeeze pages properly. Always do A/B testing to get the best results out of the squeeze page and implement the best for achieving conversions.

    • Customers (nurturing)

      Lead nurturing is the process of building harmonious relationships with your leads for fruitful future interactions. Create an effective lead nurturing strategy to ensure your marketing qualified leads turn into sales. Convince your leads by creating convincing informational content that makes your leads to actual purchase. Customer loyalty, customer retention, and business revenue will all be directly proportional to your lead nurturing efforts.

9 Squeeze page examples to get a better idea

We’ve created some squeeze page examples to show you how you can leverage squeeze pages within your marketing strategies and improve your conversion goals.

Checkout to get inspired now!

  • Example 1 - Homepage as a squeeze page

    Homepage as a squeeze page examples

  • Example 2 - Customized offer squeeze page (Standalone squeeze page)

    Customized offer squeeze page example

  • Example 3 - Notification squeeze page (Standalone squeeze page)

    Notification squeeze page example

  • Example 4 - First order discount squeeze page (Pop-up)

    First order discount squeeze page, pop-up

  • Example 5 - eBook squeeze page (Pop-up)

    Ebook squeeze page pop-up example

  • Example 6 - Sign up discounts squeeze page (Pop-up)

    Sign up discounts squeeze page pop-up example

  • Example 7 - Non-disclosing offers squeeze page (Pop-up)

    Non-disclosing offers squeeze page pop-up example

  • Example 8 - Testimonial squeeze page (Pop-up)

    Testimonial squeeze page pop-up example

  • Example 9 - Exit squeeze page (Pop-up)

    Exit squeeze page pop-up example


High converting squeeze pages are the key success element in digital list building.

After reading this article you’ll know of the 6 points that you need to consider to create highly converting squeeze page, offers that you can host in your squeeze pages, the fundamentals of squeeze pages and 9 captivating squeeze page examples to inspire from.

Now, let’s start building – convert your fantastic ideas and offers into most converting squeeze page campaigns.

All you need is a squeeze page builder that’ll let you create impressive squeeze pages without coding in less time and also have possibilities for functional email marketing, CDP for customer list management and detailed performance & conversion insights monitoring.

Create, share, analyze and improve!