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Double Opt-in Signups

In double opt-in signups, customers need to additionally verify their mobile number/ Email address by clicking on a verification link sent to their mobile number/ Email address.

The Double Opt-in Signup Process

In a double opt-in signup process, the customer is sent a verification Email/SMS once he/she submits the signup form.

  • In case the customer clicks the verification button in the SMS/Email, he/she is added as a Contact to the CRM with their Opt-In status as True, i.e., the customer becomes eligible to receive correspondence from you immediately.
  • In case the customer does not click the verification button in the SMS/Email, he/she is still added to the CRM, but with their Opt-In status as False, i.e., the customer will not receive any correspondence from you till they verify their SMS/Email.

Here is an Infographic Explaining the Double Opt-in Process:

Double opt-in process example

Double Opt-in Process – Pros and Cons

Double opt-ins add a mandatory layer of confirmation to your signup process. The pros and cons associated with this process are:


  • Eliminates the possibility of incorrect Email addresses leading to higher deliverability and better Contact List quality.
  • The double opt-in process ensures that the customers who genuinely want to hear from you get added to your Email List. That, in turn, leads to
    • Higher open rates.
    • Better communication & brand building as the subscriber is genuinely interested.
    • Lesser unsubscribes as there is a double-check process.
    • Lower bounce-rates.
  • It also offers protection from spambots, Email scams, and fake subscribers, helping you save on your monthly billing costs.
  • When set up with further required information, ensures TCPA compliance.


  • It could lead to slower List growth due to the need for active confirmation.

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