A Folder is an organizational tool designed to make campaign management easier! Like folders help you organize and group different files, Folders on MainBrainer help you group similar campaigns under a common Folder name.

For example, let’s say that you plan to run a multichannel marketing campaign for the Black Friday sale and send targeted SMSs, landing pages, and Emails, etc. In that case, create a Folder – Black Friday promotions and keep adding your campaigns to the Folder as you create them.

The Upsides of Using Folders

  1. Easier navigation on the Campaign Manager pages – We recommend that when you create campaigns, always add them to relevant Folders. Doing so would make navigating to the past campaigns much easier on the Campaign Manager pages. Go to the Folders tab, and view the campaigns available in that Folder.
  2. Better organized campaigns – Since Folders allow you to group different types of campaigns, all your related campaigns sit under a common name and can be viewed in a common place. Go to Create >> Folders, click the Folder name to view all the campaigns saved under it.

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