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13 Best Email Campaigns Types

Blog / 13 Best Email Campaigns Types

The best email campaign types, best practice

2.14 billion online shoppers looking for the best deals, an increasing crowd of fierce competitors, tons of email marketing ideas to test out & less time to implement.

Despite figuring out which email campaign to create, which one to send first and next, let’s get inspired from these 13 most popular and immensely effective best email types.

Focus on nurturing your email subscribers based on their interests, demographics, and past purchase preferences. Create a perfect conversion journey & shopping experience using a mix of email campaigns and target smaller segments with more precision and personalized offerings.

It’s a never-ending improvement pursuit – keep creating, sharing, and improvising by monitoring real-time insights. Your email subscribers are your hard-earned brand followers, don’t lose them to your competitors.

The 13 Best Email Types to Send to Your Email List

  • Welcome Emails

    Personalized friendly welcome message to the subscribers and thanking them to onboard creates a great first impression. Depicts that the business they are dealing with really cares for them. It is a great start in building a long-term relationship with your subscriber.

    As a first interaction with the subscriber, it’s highly important to engage the subscribers and offer them something of value in place of their email. It gives satisfaction and a sense of achievement to the customer’s mind.

    Welcome emails receive an unusually high open rate of 50%.

    Welcome email offering 25 percent discount

  • Newsletters Emails

    Email newsletters are the email type that is sent out on a regular basis (e.g. weekly or monthly) to inform your audience with the latest news, tips, or updates about your product or service.

    The primary goal of the newsletter emails is to provide essential information to the audience and influence them to further explore your product & offers.

    Newsletter email campaign offering the Monthly deals

  • Product Announcement Emails

    Announcement emails are generally created when a company has to launch a new product by using the bold headlines in your email content like ‘we are launching’ ‘save the date’ ‘wait is over’ etc. marketers try to create excitement among the customers.

    New product release emails, new features announcement emails, beta announcement emails – all come under announcement emails.

    Product announcement of new release of mobile phones in different colors

  • Testimonial Request Emails

    Emails sent to existing customers asking for their testimonials or reviews to influence the business prospects are termed testimonial emails. Praise or recommendations of existing customers in form of a short video or text can be a great marketing achievement, word-of-mouth from actual customers plays an important role to convince and influence targeted prospects.

    Testimonials help in convincing subscribers that your services are credible and you can trust them. The research discovered that displaying reviews on websites and landing pages can boost conversion rates.

    Displaying reviews can increase conversion by 270%.

    Thank you for purchase email asking for review

  • Special Offer Emails

    Promotional emails or Special offer emails are promoted by giving coupons, discounts, limited-time offers to the subscribers. Special offer emails given exclusively to your existing subscribers aligned with the personalization focus can deliver real results.

    For example, extra 10% discounts for the existing subscribers only. Design your Promotional emails with creative content and valuable offers that are aimed at conversions, generating revenue, or improving customer retention or loyalty.

    49% of customers said they would like to receive promotional emails from their favorite retail brands on a weekly basis.

    Promotional email campaign, money back guarantee, free delivery over 100 dollar

  • Cross-Selling Emails

    'Buy a smartphone and get headphones at a 50% discount', which means we are cross-selling complementary products in addition to the main order. In this case, the smartphone is the main order but offering a headphone at a discounted rate can allure the customers to do complimentary shopping too.

    Cross-selling emails are a great way to generate more business and also to sell out old lying inventory. This way of doing business benefitted both company and customers, cross-selling emails are surely an effective contribution to customer loyalty.

    Email campaign with spring collection offering cross selling of products

  • Upselling Emails

    The upselling word comes from the upgrade, Upselling is about persuading the customer to upgrade their product or selling the same product but at a higher rate with an added benefit or with extra features.

    Like – Upgrade your internet plan from 100 Gb to 500 Gb for just 20 dollars and get a Netflix connection for 1 year also free.

    Email campaign offering new camera with upselling traveling kit

  • Anniversary Emails

    An anniversary email is sent to commemorate a special event, special date, or milestone. What about sending an email to your subscriber with special discounts or a wonderful message reminding him first purchase anniversary.

    Anniversary emails can help customer recall all their memories, emotional triggering is a great way to stay connected with the customers and show them you really care about the special dates of their life.

    Membership anniversary email campaign giving 25 percent on next travel

  • Holiday and Seasonal Emails

    Holiday and Seasonal email campaigns are the major campaigns that businesses run to drive sales and increase brand engagement. Everyone waits for the seasonal emails as these emails bring new products and valuable discounts for them.

    For example summer clothing in stores, winter sales are started, or get ready for new year shopping, Christmas holiday discounts. Retailers typically offer big sales to kick off the holiday season and email marketing helps them to reach the audiences effortlessly.

    The study found, nearly two-thirds of the 1,000 adult shoppers surveyed, 62% planned to do all their holiday shopping online.

    E-Commerce sales explode in Holiday Season. Create a sense of urgency in your email campaigns that will tempt your customers to start spending. Stay always ready with your email campaign strategy as the creativity of your campaigns will surely be on the test, use analytics to figure out the best plan.

    Holiday and seasonal email, black friday shop now

  • Invitation Emails

    Invite your customer to join the organized event at a special place or important online webinar through invitation emails.

    Few examples, Free event invitations, Email invite reminders, Conference invitations, Online webinar invitations.

    While creating the invitation emails provides enough information about your event like time, date, location & duration, clarity of details, and event subject line is very important.

    Carefully choose your event details, no one will join your virtual webinar if it’s on working days and at 9 pm (it’s dinner time) or during Christmas celebration.

    Invitation email, book now

  • Reactivation Emails

    To win back Sleeping subscribers who’re not responding to your communication and are inactive may be from the last 10 emails or more, they need to be catered through reactivation emails.

    It is not easy to make new customers every day, inactive customers can be a big loss for the company. Come out with the email campaigns strategy to activate them, give them special discounts/offers they will not get anywhere else.

    Don’t be demanding while writing reactivation emails but instead be on the giving end, prove to them you still care about them and your business needs them.

    For example:
    A woman joined your fitness program and after 3 months of program completion she never came back, either she has achieved her fitness goals or lost interest to go further.

    It’s been one year no contact with her, what to do now?

    Don’t lose your client stay connected with her and offer her value through your personalized email campaigns like offering diet charts, healthy programs, or group classes personalized to her interest for free or a heavy discount to re-engage her.

    Reactivation email campaign, limited offer

  • Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails

    Sometimes a customer comes to the site, adds the products to the cart and changes his mind for some reason, and leaves. But still, these items stay in the cart.

    Abandoned cart emails aim to remind the customers of these items they left in the cart and persuade them to finish the purchase that they were already so close to buying.

    Studies show that up to 68.82% of your website visitors abandon their shopping carts.

    Create a sense of urgency by sending personalized abandonment recovery emails by showcasing inventory status (only a few left) or product comparison stats with the competing sites (10% less than competitors) and letting customers come back for completing their transactions.

    Abandoned shopping cart email, complete your order

  • Confirmation Emails

    Confirmation emails are used to confirm actions or simply a reassurance for the customer after he has placed an order, registered for an event, or simply booked a seat in the restaurant.

    Sometimes customers change their minds or lose interest. Hence it gets very important for businesses to avoid uncertainty, that’s why reconfirming encourages harmony.

    There are various types of confirmation emails like placing an order, subscribing to a list, booking tickets, event registration, updating profile or passwords, payment confirmation emails, and more.

    As per Borrellassociates, 64% of customers consider order confirmations to be the most valuable type of email.

    Best confirmation email, activate account

Campaign Creation - The Basics!

Before initiating your successful email marketing campaigns creation & distribution journey for your upcoming promotional sales offers or special holiday season deals, let’s cover up the basics that you should know.

  • What is a Campaign?

    A campaign is an organized course of action that people carry out over a period of time to achieve a specific goal. For example political campaigns, social campaigns, seasonal sales, stock clearance promotions, product launch, and onboarding, etc.

  • Define an Email Campaign?

    An email campaign is a planned set of marketing activities to promote a product or service by reaching multiple recipients at once or in a series of events over a given period.

    Strategically created campaign content is distributed to the recipients through email and goals set by the businesses are accomplished through it. With a high response rate, email campaigns are a cost-effective way to reach your audience fast and improve conversions.

    Connect, share and create a better relationship with your audience by consistently approaching your subscribers with unique offers that they cannot ignore through email campaigns.

CTA button settings in email creator

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Converting Subscribers into Paying Customers

Oh! I got lots of subscribers but how do I turn them into paying customers.

The process of converting email leads into real buyers depends on how well you’re nurturing those leads and what content you are really feeding them through various email types.

There are various email types that are used according to the objective that the marketer wants to achieve, there are promotional emails, nurturing emails, or transactional emails every email type has its own qualities or features that are suitable to achieve a specific goal.


Needless to say, email campaign types are the critical component of a marketing strategy, and the probability of success relies largely on how well you craft your email campaigns to produce desired results and boost your business.

Sending one or two emails once in a while is not an ideal strategy. You need to implement different conversion journeys targeting varied online customer segments. Not everyone will convert right away after reading your first email copy, you need follow-ups, reminders, and even different promotional emails to nurture and convert them all.

Detailed email campaign performance & engagement insights will empower you to make the right progressive decisions. And by combining multiple channels with an email like landing pages, SMSs, and even offline promotions, you will be able to skyrocket your ROI & business growth potential.