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A comprehensive guide to help you get started - import contacts into the CRM, create Landing Pages and Email campaigns, and send them to your Contact List(s).
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A complete guide to setting up your account on MainBrainer - creating an account, customizing the UI, setting up your CRM, getting your account's API key, etc.

A curation of articles to get you familiarized with the UI - the Dashboard, the Main Menu, the Get Help menu, the CRM, and functionalities like Goals & Folders.

A complete guide to creating Landing Pages and Email campaigns, Folders to group similar campaigns, templates to create reusable templates, and campaign goals.

A complete guide to help you send out your first Email and SMS campaigns (with or without landing pages) immediately or schedule the sending for a later time.

What is MainBrainer

MainBrainer is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps you design and send out marketing campaigns across all marketing mediums.