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Get Acquainted with our UI

A curation of articles to get you familiarized with the UI - the Dashboard, the Main Menu, the Get Help menu, the CRM, and functionalities like Goals & Folders.
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The Dashboard

The MainBrainer Dashboard is the default screen displayed when you log in to your account. The Dashboard gives a bird's eye view of the KPIs you wish to monitor and the performance statistics of your latest campaign sendings.

Our Menus

The MainBrainer UI has three menus - Main Menu for navigation to different functional areas, the Get Help Menu to access the knowledge base, and the Account Overview and Settings Menu to access the account settings.

The Create Menu

The Create menu houses the different options available to create marketing campaigns like landing pages and Email campaigns, functionalities like templates, and organizational tools like folders, and goals.


An Introduction to the MainBrainer CRM - How to access the CRM and a guide to the CRM jargon.

Understand Insights

The insights menu houses the navigation options for performance analytics of all the campaigns sent via MainBrainer - SMS, Email, Landing Page, and NPS.

Campaign Goals

The goals feature is designed to help users keep track of their marketing campaigns' performance. This article explains the different types of goals you can set for your campaigns and how to set them up on the platform.


A folder is an organizational tool designed to make campaign management easier! Like folders help you organize and group different files, folders in MainBrainer help you group similar campaigns under a common folder name.