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How to Get Your Telemarketer ID and Account ID

To get your telemarketer ID, you’ll need to register your entity on any one of the DLT platforms.

In this article, we demonstrate the entity registration process on MTNL DLT.

MTNL DLT: Entity Registration URLhttps://www.ucc-mtnl.in/

Before you begin the registration process, make sure you have a valid mobile number and email address that are not registered with other DLT platforms.

Here’s a list of the documents that you’ll need for the registration process:

  • PAN Card of Company – In case of Sole proprietorship, if business PAN Card is not available, then Sole proprietor Pan Card is needed.
  • GST /TAN/CIN/SHOP ESTABLISHMENT Certificate for address proof.
  • PAN card of the person who gives the authority. (Director/owner).
  • PAN Card of Authorized Person.
  • Authorized Signatory OR Authority letter on Letterhead
  • LOA (Letter of Authorization) on the company’s letterhead
  • Tabular Form – This form is a mockup of the details you’ll need to fill in on the portal. Ensure that you have this form filled before you begin the registration process so you can quickly fill up the relevant fields on the portal.

Note: Please upload coloured scanned copies of all documents in PDF or Image format on the MTNL DLT platform.

Entity Registration Process on MTNL DLT

If you’re interested to understand the complete MTNL-based DLT registration process, you can go through MTNL’s manual guides (explainer videos and pdf files including screenshots).