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DLT Registration

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Bulk SMS Sending in India

Understand everything that you must know and do before starting using Bulk SMS services in India. TRAI's recommended DLT Registration process - Entity registration, Header or Sender ID, Consent Template, and SMS Content Template approvals.

How to Create an SMS Sender Name (India) in MainBrainer

Follow these 3 Simple Steps to add your approved SMS Sender Name within our platform to begin using it during your upcoming SMS sendings.

How to Create an SMS Template (India) in MainBrainer

3 easy steps to create your SMS templates in MainBrainer - Template Creation, Enter SMS Content, Map Variable to CRM fields & Done.

How to Get Your Telemarketer ID and Account ID

To get your telemarketer ID, you’ll need to register your entity on any one of the DLT platforms. In this article, we demonstrate the entity registration process on MTNL DLT.