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The Best Email Marketing Services

Blog / The Best Email Marketing Services

Why email? Are you not interested in acquiring a ravishing 4,200% ROI? An effective email generates $42 against every $1 spent.

Email marketing services are mostly used for lead generation (85%), sales (84%), lead nurturing (78%), and customer retention (74%) equally by enterprises and small businesses.

During the second quarter of 2021, emails-driven global online shopping orders had an average value of $103.14, the second largest after direct-to-site shopping order value of $137.76. Being one of the leading traffic sources, emails still holds the crown of greatest potential reach.

For strategic planning, having more control over your email marketing effectiveness, and automation possibilities, you need the best Email Marketing Service Provider.

Let’s explore how you can make a perfect choice to meet your business needs.

Define Email Marketing

Email marketing is the use of email or the act of sending an email to promote your products or services and convincing the audience to perform actions.

Emails are sent to an individual, group of people, or to the mass and are typically used to inform your prospects or subscribers about new products, discounts, announcements, and other several reasons.

Finding the Best Email Marketing Service Provider for Your Business – What to Look for?

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When you’re looking for a platform for sending marketing emails you should consider some basic features like email design templates, automation, segmentation and personalization, analytics, and some more advanced features to make your email campaigns successful.

Best email marketing service should make your communication more engaging, reach consumers efficiently, and let your emails land right in the inboxes. Email marketing service providers help businesses to grow their customer base and let them market their services and products easily.

  • Price

    Price is the value that is put to a product or service and it matters for every business irrespective of its size or scale. Businesses must search for the services that offer appealing prices, give great value for money, are affordable, and also have options of the free plan so that users can test your services.

    Pay as you go is also a great pricing strategy that many providers are offering, take better decisions by comparing different competitors’ pricing vis-a-vis features or functionalities the email marketing tool is offering.

  • Functionality

    With so many email marketing services out there, it can be confusing knowing which to choose. Email marketing services that provide the most intuitive tool and are loaded with the best range of advanced features should be your consideration.

    Following are the Important Features to be Considered:

    • Drag and Drop Email Builder

      Email marketing service providers offer drag-and-drop email builders too with that you can create professional marketing emails with ease.

      The interface should be intuitive and fast to work, with easy-to-use seamless workflows results can be achieved fast with high satisfaction.

      Creating email designs must be uncomplicated and fun that’s why the concept of drag and drop builders is there, email designing tools help in flourishing ideas and should not restrict you from achieving the desired results.

    • Design Templates

      With the pre-designed templates, you can create stunning and responsive email designs, landing pages, sign-up forms, etc. Templates should be easily customizable with flexible designs and varied templates. Check out the template libraries before finalizing your email marketing tool and see what is in there for your business.

    • List Management

      Manage your list like a pro with straightforward subscriber management features. Email marketing tool should help in organizing gathered emails, scrub inactive customers, and add unlimited email addresses so that you can send more targeted emails, enjoy improved open rates and fewer bounce rates.

    • Scheduling and Automation

      It’s important to make sure that your service provider can cater to your automation needs, advanced automation and scheduling of your email campaigns make your marketing efforts a success. Automation helps to send emails to your customers or prospects automatically, based on a schedule, or preset triggers.

    • Advanced Analytics

      Reporting and Analytics let you measure the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. Gathering tactical insights for specific campaigns and performing actions for the performance enhancement saves lots of time, money, and effort. Options like statistics metrics comparison of various email campaigns sent in past, that’s too in few clicks can be a great feature to seek.

    • Web Based

      There is no need to download or install any software onto your computer to begin using email marketing services, these days email tools are web-based and work on majorly every web browser.

      Consider using only services that offer web-based editors and other functionalities; you can even use your smartphones or tabs to create and schedule your next email campaigns without the need for a laptop/desktop. Sometimes web-based software tools ask for enabling cookies, pop-ups, and JavaScript to ensure a flawless experience to the users, keep a check that you have enabled them.

    • Easy Integration

      API-based integration lets users easily import email subscription, contact details, opt-in status, and other messaging history insights using simple API-based calls. This will let the user’s access, manage and reach their email subscribers and potential leads without many manual inputs and with few click-based actions.

  • Deliverability Rates

    Choose the service providers with tested records and promise effortless email sending that’s too with high deliverability.

    Good email providers help you avoid landing in the spam folder and also respond with actionable suggestions or explanations on how you can fix any issues arising.

    The deliverability rate is the number of emails delivered to intended inboxes and divided by the total number of emails sent. You’ll then multiply that number by 100 to get your percentage.

    For example, if you send out 10 emails and 2 of them bounce then the number of delivered emails becomes 8.

    Deliverability Rate = (Delivered Emails /Total Sent) x 100

  • Customer Support

    Your work may have stuck with the bad customer support many times in your life and bad customer support is very much frustrating no matter how big a brand or company is. Customer testimonials, reviews, and ratings play a great role in actually knowing what the company is in real.

    Check out the FAQ and knowledge base section on the website, is it clear and thorough, What about email support or live chat how fast they are responding, do they have phone support, is technical support is available free of cost.

    Customer support is much needed for smooth functioning without any hiccups. Try to solve all your queries before choosing your email service provider.

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3 Important Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Personal Message

    What are your thoughts if you get an email message from a business addressing you by name that will be cool – right? Personal emails (based on contact information, behavior, or preferences) create a great connection between potential customers and businesses with the assurance of long-term relationships.

    Email personalization increases customer engagement, improves click-through rates, and generates significant revenue for the business. 91% of consumers say that they are more willing to do business with a company that provides offers directly relevant to them.

    Personalized communication through email strengthens customer experiences by sending the right content to the right people at the right time. But to do the perfect result-driven communication you need a strategy to segment your email list that supports your marketing objectives.

  • Nourishing the Potential Customers

    The goal of lead nurturing is to help potential customers on their buying journey.

    Potential customers don’t turn into customers without a little ‘nurturing’ and targeted campaigns sent through email help build subscribers’ confidence to move ahead in the buying journey.

    Email nurturing is an automated way to make sure your brand stays top of mind for users thus email is the best Step to Effectively Build Trust with Your Leads, Target and Connect with them.

  • High Return on Investment (ROI)

    Email marketing’s potential lies in its ability to provide businesses of all sizes with a pleasing return on investment. Email marketing is one of the incredible ways to reach and engage with your audience.

    Email marketing is a cost-effective marketing channel that continues to deliver incredible performance and strong return on investment for marketers year after year.

    During 2020, for every $1 invested in email marketing, brands earned $36 and the highest of $45 per $1 spent in retail, ecommerce, and consumer goods sector industries.


Be it the first thing in the morning after getting up or the last thing before going to bed, mobile is always near to the people, and curiosity to check the new messages in the inboxes is always in their minds.

Giving a big chance to the businesses to create a top-of-mind recall. It’s very important that the email content must always be targeted to bring excitement, interest and give value to the recipients.

By choosing a feature-rich, cost-effective, automation-friendly, and analytically rich real-time performance monitoring option based Email Marketing Service Provider you can skyrocket your leads, conversions, and profitability.

Ideally, try the solution for free to see how easy it is to get more leads and how effortlessly you can convert your audiences into your loyal customers. Is it as easy to use as it claims for both beginners and experts alike, and does it let you create and send professional-looking email campaigns straight to the inboxes of your target recipients? Explore the email performance & engagement reports considering is every critical metrics is included or not.

Get connected with the service provider team, book a demo and ask directly to satisfy your every query before making the final purchasing decision.