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How to Set Landing Page Performance Goals

Step 1 – Create a New Goal

Use the Main Menu on the left to expand the Create menu and click Goal.

Landing page performance goals, create menu. Goal is highlighted

The next screen will list all the goals created so far. You can edit an existing goal or create a new goal. To create a new goal, use the Create Goal button (as highlighted in the screenshot below) and proceed to the next step.

Landing page performance goals. The create goal button is highlighted

Step 2

Give the Goal a Relevant Name and Description

This description is purely for your reference purpose. Your customers will not see this, so make it as informative as you want. It will make goal identification easier in the future. Click Continue when done.

Landing page performance goals. Name and describe your goal

Step 3

Select the Landing Page for Performance Goal Setting

The Goal Purpose dropdown menu lists the different types of goals you can create for your campaigns. From this menu, click Landing Page Performance (as highlighted in the screenshot below):

Landing page performance goal purpose. Dropdown menu extended, landing page performance selected

From the subsequently displayed menu, select the relevant landing page for which you wish to set performance goals.

Landing page selection for performance goals. Select landing page performance KPI

Step 4

Enter Your Goal Parameters

In the expanded menu that is consequently displayed, enter the target performance values.

Enter Landing Page Performance KPI Goal values

You can:

Set goal rate or goal quantity for KPI

  • Enter the KPI performance targets manually; Or
  • Autofill the KPI performance targets using a pre-saved Goals template(as highlighted in the screenshot below). These templates are meant to serve as a starting point. You can always edit the entries as per your requirements.
    Landing page performance goals. Select goals based on template

Note: You can either enter the goal parameters in percentages (under the Goal Rate column) or as absolute values (under the Goal Quantity column).

Specify the start and end dates between which you want to measure the landing page’s performance and click Save.

Specifying landing page performance goal start and stop

Voila, you have successfully set performance goals for your landing page.

Let’s move on and see if your landing page keeps up with the set goals!