Single Opt-In Mobile Number Signups

In a single opt-in signup process, the customer is added to the CRM as soon as he/she signs up their mobile number to receive communication from you. Since a single opt-in does not require an additional confirmation, it may not assure the required protection regarding TCPA regulations. We highly recommend that you use double opt-in signups to build your contact lists.

How to Create a Single Opt-In Signup Form for Mobile Number Signups

Step 1

Create an SMS Trigger Template to be sent as a confirmation SMS to successful signups

What message would you like to send to the customers who sign up their mobile numbers to receive SMS communication from you? Use the SMS Trigger Template functionality to design your confirmation SMS.

Step 2

Create a Landing Page with a Signup widget

Create a landing page with a signup widget.

Landing page builder, mobile signups. Signup form widget highlighted

Step 3

Select the Opt-in Type and relevant Trigger template.

Use the Fields sub-tab under the Settings tab to add the mobile number field to your signup widget. Toggle the button highlighted above to enable a Single Opt-In process for the customers who sign up using this form.

Signup widget settings. Fields with the alternative single opt-in confirmation SMS highlighted

Subsequently, use the My SMS Trigger Template field (highlighted in the screenshot below) to select the SMS Trigger Template that you would like to auto-send to the successful signups (As created in Step 1 above).

Landing page builder, signup widget settings. Select SMS trigger template

And that’s it!

Add other design elements to your landing page as per your preferences, and send it to your target audience!