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What is a Landing Page For a Website?

Blog / What is a Landing Page For a Website?

You have a website, and it is getting all the positive attention online that it needs. You’re regularly getting interested visitors. Your promotions, SoMe posts, and ads are working great for you.

But are they converting? Are you struggling with the conversions?

You’ve crafted a perfect conversion journey for capturing interested online traffic, and now you need one or multiple landing pages to complete your conversion funnel.

96% of the people who visit a website will leave without converting to a lead or sale. While companies achieved a 55% rise in their leads when increased their number of landing pages from 10 to 15.

Let's find out more about website landing pages, so you can start creating more converting ones for your business.

What is a Landing Page for a Website?

What is a landing page for a website and do you need a landing page if you have a website? Being quite different from other web pages on a website, a landing page is created especially for a marketing campaign that has a singular objective.

If you go by the name of it, then a landing page is the page where your visitor first lands from anywhere on the internet

Now, this would most likely be from an organic or paid marketing campaign.

Yes, the visitor could land on your website homepage as well but what makes the landing pages different from a homepage or other web pages is the fact that it is focused on one single purpose or goal which is CTA (call to action).

Some specific differences between a landing page and a webpage are:

  • The navigation bar of a landing page does not have links to other pages on the website, while all other pages of a website have links.
  • In the same way, the footer of a landing page will not have other internal links either.
  • Landing pages do not contain any external links (unless it is a part of the funnel) whereas other website pages may have external links.
  • A landing page has one Call-to-Action (CTA) whereas any other website page may have multiple CTAs or multiple entry points into the funnel.

This one focus agenda makes landing pages one of the best ways to increase the conversion rates of the marketing campaigns.

Purpose of Landing Page

It would be clearer to you by now that a landing page has a single purpose and hence a single CTA. But what could this CTA be?

Here are the different purposes of a website’s landing page basis the type of CTAs.

A CTA could be there to make the visitor:

  • Fill up a signup form for newsletter subscription
  • Download an eBook
  • Get access to a recorded video
  • Signup for a free trial or demo
  • Request a call back
  • Call your business
  • Purchase a product

The list is endless. Whatever visitor action takes them to the next stage in your funnel, that visitor action could be a CTA of the landing page, and that CTA would give the landing page its purpose.

With so many different actions that you can get your visitor to take, you could be wondering how could you possibly create landing pages that can do all this?

MainBrainer’s landing page builder is your answer. With an easy drag-and-drop page builder, you can not only create pages that make the visitors take action, but you can also sophistically measure the results through our goal-tracking metrics.

Let us share with you more about broadly what are the different kinds of landing pages that you can create.

Types of Landing Pages

Now that you know what is the purpose of a landing page on a website, let us tell you about what are the most prominent types of landing pages. This would further let you know how does a landing page fits into your business and what purpose could it solve for you.

  • Explainer Landing Page

    As the name suggests, this type of landing page focuses on explaining a single concept or offer. It contains loads of useful content in order to explain to the users to move to the next step.

    These kinds of landing pages may contain features of the product or offer, its numerous benefits, all of this is explained through a convincing copy to educate the visitors in a better way.

    Ideal for: Campaigns that demand to provide detailed information to the users. Therefore, if your product or offer is a novel concept, you could be looking at developing an explainer landing page.

  • Click-Through Landing Page

    If you happen to find a landing page without a form or a lead capture mechanism it is likely that you have encountered a click-through landing page. This landing page can help you act as a bridge between your main website and your ad.

    Ideal for: E-learning or education product led funnels in order to provide the proper warming up session to the visitors and help them get into the proper purchase decision mindset. These funnels also work well in different types of e-commerce businesses where pre-framing may be required.

  • Lead Generating Landing Page

    The main purpose of the lead-generating landing pages is to collect the personal information of the visitors. In digital marketing terminology, the page has a lead capture system that turns the visitor into a lead in your funnel.

    The personal information collected by the leading pages may include the first and last name of the user, their email address, and telephone number.

    Ideal for: Frankly, any kind of business. Most required in businesses where the purchase decision is unlikely to be made in the first interaction and nurturing of the leads would be required. Most B2B businesses would require lead generating landing page.

  • Product Detail Landing Page

    The product landing pages are designed to convince the visitors to convert to an offer related to a product. These kinds of pages may include images of the products, a benefit-oriented copy related to the product, social proof, etc.

    Ideal for: A product or service focused business like an e-commerce business.

Landing page for a website, displayed in email, sms and web

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3 Best Examples of Landing Pages

What are some of the best examples of landing pages you would wonder? Surely, it always makes sense to seek inspiration when you get down to designing a landing page for yourself. So let us walk you through some of the best landing page examples.

  • HubSpot

    We said that a landing page needs to have a singular focus. There could not have been better examples than the HubSpot landing pages. As a company that promotes inbound marketing, HubSpot has various tools for marketers.

    Hubspot blog ideas generator, enter a noun

    And as you can see that each landing page focuses on taking the visitor through that tool only and nothing else. The pages do not have a navigation bar and they don’t even have any folds below the first fold that you can see on your screen.

    Hubspot website grader, get your score

  • Lyft

    The landing page of the website Lyft is one of the best landing page examples you can look up to. It is a website especially for drivers, and along with the apply now button, the drivers are allowed to choose the number of hours they want to drive for Lyft in a week and can easily calculate how much income they will make while providing their services to Lyft.

    Lyft, pitch with signup to drive

  • DotCom Secrets – ClickFunnels

    Remember we mentioned different types of landing pages above? The DotCom Secrets landing page is a great example of a good long-form content-based explainer style landing page that sells a product i.e., the DotCom Secrets book.

    The quality of the copywriting on this page educates the audience regarding this book and convinces them to not miss out on it. Definitely a trendsetter in long-form landing pages

    Dotcom landing page with secret clickfunnels

If you're interested to see more examples, explore our article showcasing 15 Best Landing Page Examples.


After going through this article, now you understand the true worth of having a landing page for your website.

You're getting traffic, and that sounds good. But to convert these visitors into your subscribers & customers, you need the landing pages. Having 5 to 6 landing pages isn't enough. The golden rule is - One landing page for one offer or conversion CTA.

With proper optimization & segmented targeting, you can achieve a conversion rate of 25% & more.

Set your conversion goals, craft an impressive distraction-free website landing page, ideally by using an automated solution that saves you time to build, launch & share, and provides in-depth landing page performance insights in real-time. So you have more control & improvement opportunities.

Let’s start converting your valuable leads into subscribers and customers! It's time to create effective landing pages.