Domain Configuration

MainBrainer gives you the flexibility of configuring your domain with your MainBrainer account so that you can:

  1. Whitelabel your Emails, i.e., use your domain to send out Email campaigns
  2. Whitelabel your landing page URLs, i.e., create custom slug URLs for your landing pages (with the configured domain)
  3. Whitelabel your URL shorteners, i.e., create custom URL shorteners (with the configured domain) when sending your SMS campaigns with landing pages (with or without UTM codes)

Here’s how it helps you:

1. Increased Brand Recognition

Configuring your domain with your MainBrainer account and using it to whitelabel your Emails and URLs ensures that your customers see your brand name in all their interactions with your campaigns. It helps reinforce your brand image and increase your brand visibility. 

2. Improved Email Deliverability

Using your domain Email address to send your Email campaigns ensures that your Emails don’t get confused with spam by your recipient’s Email clients and land in their inboxes. Also, your customers are less likely to mark your Email as spam if they recognise the Email to  come from you, a brand they recognize and remember signing up for.  

3. Increased Customer Engagement

People are more likely to engage with content (for example open your Emails, or click on your campaign links) if they recognize the content to come from a source they recognize. Seeing the content explicitly linked to your brand name helps drive up customer recognition and engagement rates.

Note: Domain Configuration is only available for our Starter, Pro and Enterprise Subscription plans. If you are a Freemium user and wish to configure your domain with your MainBrainer account, you’ll need to upgrade your account to the Starter/Pro/Enterprise plan

Note: Before you start the domain configuration process, kindly ensure that you have administrative access to your domain’s DNS with your domain hosting provider. You’ll need the access for copying the CNAME records from MainBrainer and updating them with your domain host. If you are not technically equipped to do so, please reach out to your company’s IT team that manages the company’s website and email addresses for their help. 

Note: For email sendings, you can only configure email addresses hosted on the domains you or your business own/control. It is not possible to configure email addresses hosted at public email services like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.