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How to Set Goals for Contact List Growth

You can set goals for contact list growth using Recruitment to list goals in MainBrainer.

What is a Recruitment to List Goal?

This goal type helps you keep an eye on the number of contacts added to your CRM lists.

As a part of your marketing strategy, you run various campaigns with specific end goals in mind. Using the Recruitment to list goals, you can state the number of customers you plan to recruit to your CRM list/segment. Doing so helps you measure the effectiveness of your recruitment campaigns by seeing which campaigns met their targets.

How to Set Recruitment to List Goals?

Step 1

Create a New Goal

Use the Main Menu on the left to expand the Create menu and click Goal.

Contact list goals, create menu. Goal is highlighted

The next screen will list all the goals created so far. You can edit an existing goal or create a new goal.

To create a new goal, use the Create Goal button (as highlighted in the screenshot below) and proceed to the next step.

Contact list goals. The create goal button is highlighted

Give the goal a relevant name and description, and click Continue. This description is purely for your reference purposes.

Contact list goals, create name. Add name and description

Step 2

Select your Goal Purpose

The Goal Purpose dropdown menu lists the different types of goals you can create for your campaigns. From this menu, click Recruitment to List (as highlighted in the screenshot below). As you do, an expanded menu is displayed.

List goals, create new goal. Dropdown menu for goal purpose

Step 3

Enter your Goal Parameters

Contact list goals, create new goal. Create leads growth goal. Set goal parameters

As shown in the screenshot above:

  • Select List for recruitment goal – Use this field to select the CRM list for which you wish to set a recruitment goal, i.e., the CRM list concerning which you wish to track the customer signups.
  • Do you want to run your goal against a specific segment from this List?
    In case you wish to set a recruitment goal for a specific segment from the CRM list selected above, use this field to specify the relevant segment.
  • What Channel(s) do you want to measure your recruitment Goal against?
    Channel refers to the medium via which contacts get added to the CRM lists. Use this field to select the recruitment channel concerning which you wish to set the recruitment goal.
  • What is your recruitment target for this Goal?
    Use this field to enter your recruitment target.
  • Your recruited contacts are your digital media channel goal mine. Do you want to put a value on them?
    Use this field to specify the acquisition cost per customer signup.

Scroll down this page and enter the time interval during which you wish to measure your customer signups (as shown in the screenshot below).

Click the Save button.

Contact list goals, create new goal. Set start and end date for the goal