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Recruitment to List Goal

What is a Recruitment to List Goal?

Contacts can get added to your CRM Contact Lists via various channels, e.g., people signing up via Landing Pages, social media channels, or manually added by you to the CRM, etc.

Using Recruitment to List Goals, you can set recruitment channel-specific or overall recruitment targets and keep an eye on the number of Contacts in your CRM List or Segment.

Why is setting these Goals important?

Setting Recruitment Goals for your CRM Contact Lists helps you keep an eye on the number of contacts added to your CRM Lists.

As a part of your marketing strategy, you run various campaigns with specific end goals in mind. Using the Recruitment to List Goals, you can state the number of customers you plan to recruit to your CRM List/Segment. Doing so helps you measure the effectiveness of your recruitment campaigns by seeing which campaigns met their targets.

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