What is a Goal?

A Goal helps you quantify and set performance targets for your marketing campaigns.

Once you set Goals for your marketing campaigns, the campaign Insights display color-coded icons representing the current performance of the campaigns with respect to the set Goals.

Goals. Green, yellow, light-grey and red trophy icons

  • The green icon represents that the Goal has been achieved within the specified time duration.
  • The yellow icon represents that the Goal has been achieved, albeit after the expiry of the specified time duration.
  • The light-grey icon represents an ongoing Goal that hasn’t yet been achieved yet, i.e., there is still time left before the time duration specified for goal measurement ends.
  • The red icon represents that the Goal has not been achieved within the specified time duration.

For example, if you set Goals for an SMS Sending, this is how color-coded icons make performance monitoring easier for you:


Goals. SMS sending insights overview


Why setting Goals for your campaigns is important

Every marketing campaign is designed and distributed with an end goal in mind, e.g., when you send out welcome discount coupons to your new subscribers, you expect a certain percentage of those customers to redeem the coupon and generate revenue for your business. Similarly, when you run a recruitment campaign, you want to track the number of sign-ups.

With a host of marketing campaigns being sent every day by businesses, it becomes difficult to track and monitor if the campaigns met their target goals. The Goals feature on our platform is designed to make this process easier for you.

All you need to do is set a Goal when you distribute a campaign and monitor the campaign’s performance right from your dashboard, that too, in real-time!


Types of Campaign Goals that can be created in MainBrainer:

Currently, you can set six types of Goals in MainBrainer; each one addressing a different purpose:

1. Recruitment to List Goals to set recruitment channel-specific or overall recruitment targets for your CRM Lists or Segments.


2. Landing Page Conversion Goals to set conversion goals for individual widgets used in a Landing Page.

3. Landing Page Performance Goals to gauge how your Landing Page performed on the whole and how people reacted to the Page in general.

4. SMS Sending Goals to set performance targets for an SMS Sending.

5. Email Sending Goals to monitor the performance of an Email Sending.

6. Email Conversion Goals to set Conversion Goals for your Email campaigns.