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Best Practices for Email 1 and 1 Communication

Blog / Best Practices for Email 1 and 1 Communication

Email 1 and 1 Communication Best Practices

Email 1 and 1 or One-to-one email, whichever way you may want to call it, is about sending personalized emails which will go a really long way in the business.

The fact is email personalization produces 6x higher revenue and transaction rates than non-personalized emails. 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that provides a tailored experience.

Making your email truly a personalized one, what we call email 1 and 1, starts from something as small as personalizing the subject line of the email. As a matter of fact, emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.

When you look around at your usual marketing channels, you'll quickly realize how lacking they are in this aspect of personalization. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn – all of them seem like general mass marketing tools when compared with the personalization capability of email 1 and 1 communication.

In this article, let’s explore every aspect of personalized emails i.e., email 1 and 1.

What is Email 1 and 1 Communication?

When emails are sent on an individual basis to clients from a particular business, it is called One-to-One Email Communication or Email 1 and 1. For example, different kinds of promotional emails are sent to drive sign-ups, sales and share valuable information about new products.

We must mention that you might confuse ‘email 1 and 1’ with an email marketing service called Ionos by a company call 1 & 1.

We get promotional emails from companies related to entertainment, finance, insurance, retail, and e-commerce. The tourism, education, and banking sector are also active to send emails frequently to their customers and prospective ones as well.

Now, when we say that emails are sent on an individual basis to the clients, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you as a marketer need to manually send them to each of the clients one by one.

Far from it!

With an all-in-one email marketing tool, you can send personalized emails to your email list all at once. With such an ease of making your emails personalized even a small business could explore one-to-one email communication as a part of their digital market strategy.

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Why Should You Send Personalized Email 1 and 1 Communication?

There’s only one answer to it and the answer that should matter to your business the most. And it is that personalized emails convert the best. Each email that you send to your audience should have a particular objective i.e., to make them click a link, bring them to your website, and then take some action there.

When you strive to send out personalized communication or email 1 and 1, you would start off by maintaining their personal details in your email marketing tool database.

For example, when you use an advanced email marketing solution, apart from storing the users’ name, email ID, phone number, etc., you can also create custom fields and store additional details about each user that would be relevant to your business.

The more information you have about your audience, the better and more relevant the emails will get for your audience. Hence, when your email is specific and relevant to the receiver and it contains information that the receiver wants to learn about, you would create a better relationship with the receiver.

Each time you make a sale, it is a validation of how well you have been able to establish a relationship with your audience. And sending out regularly personalized emails results in just that.

Trigger Based 1 and 1 Emails

What we have discussed up till now is how to personalize the one-time campaigns that you as a marketer send infrequently. However, personalized emails become even more effective when they are triggered without the marketer’s interventions, purely based on the actions taken by the user on the website or in the previous campaigns sent to them. This is possible by setting up automation within your email marketing tool.

Let us discuss some trigger-based 1 and 1 emails and understand how they can be of benefit to your business.

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly RSS Campaigns

    Let’s assume that your business runs a blog and posts educational content on it periodically.

    Once a blog post is released on your website, it would be worthwhile to inform your subscribers and customers about it so that they can benefit from the knowledge and a deeper bond can be established between the brand and them.

    A tedious, inefficient way to do the same would be to manually create an email in your email marketing tool. In this email you might want to put the title of the blog post as the subject line, then the features image of the post could go in the body of the email and some part of the introduction text of the blog post could go in the email body.

    Further, a hyperlink back to the blog post would be the perfect call to action for such an email.

    Now, imagine how much better it would be if this entire process could be automated. That is exactly what is done using the RSS email campaigns. When the ‘RSS feed’ of your blog post is fetched and fed to your email marketing software, whenever there is a new blog post published on your website, an email is sent to all the subscribers.

    What’s more? This email can be extremely personalized and can become a good example of email 1 and 1.

  • Welcome Email Campaigns

    The very first email that is sent to a lead when they subscribe to your email is called the welcome email. Also, as the name suggests, the email is supposed to ‘welcome’ the subscriber to your community and should be a good first introduction to your brand.

    But why to even send such a welcome email? As a matter of fact, welcome emails bring 320% more revenue per email than other promo emails.

    Obviously, it wouldn’t be worthwhile to get a marketing intern to send these welcome emails every time someone joins your list. And it is for this reason that triggered-based personalized emails would be the perfect solution for this email marketing challenge.

    In an email marketing tool, simply set up new automation. This automation will trigger an email 1 and 1 as soon as a new subscriber enters your email list.

    Using the comprehensive email editor of your choice, you can create clean and simple emails that can be personalized with whichever data point of the subscriber you would want to personalize it with.

  • System Rules, Events or Automations

    As a marketer, you should make good use of your email marketing tool by utilizing the automation that would be triggered by the various possible actions that your subscriber can take.

    • Example 1

      Consider this scenario. If your subscriber did not open the welcome email that the automation trigger sent to them, the automation can resend the email the next day again or after however much time interval you would want to send it.

      This is a good example of what a personalized approach to email marketing is because this triggered email is specific to only that subscriber who did not open the first email.

    • Example 2

      In another scenario consider that you sent a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey in an email to all your subscribers.

      Further, to encourage people to honestly fill up the survey, you promise a free e-book once the survey is filled, irrespective of what rating they may give to you. Now, logically triggered automation could be setup for this wherein the condition would be set that once the NPS survey is filled, the subscriber will be sent an email containing the link to the eBook.

  • User Data Updates in CRM

    Another use of a triggered 1 and 1 email campaign could be when a particular detail of the subscriber that is saved in the database is changed. It could be anything. The age of a subscriber could get increased due to their birthday. Wouldn’t you want to make them feel special with the help of a personalized email sent with a nice offer?

    Similarly, for example, if their subscriber status changes from ‘Lead’ to ‘Customer’, you might want to send them an entirely different line of communication henceforth. You would definitely want to avoid sending them any emails that contain discount codes for the products which they have already purchased.

Conclusion - Email 1 and 1 For Your Business

Personalized emails and campaigns are crucial for your business to build lasting relationships with your customers. These emails convert better and also allow your business to gather the customer intelligence of what your customer requires.

Some of the automated trigged email 1 and 1 examples should have helped you understand how this email marketing strategy can positively impact your business and your sales.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to get started with personalized emailing, start off with a free account of the all-in-one email marketing platform.