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Effectively manage multiple marketing campaigns and multichannel targeting in less time. Get detailed performance reports, automate personalization & campaign triggering, pre-schedule email and SMS sendings, CRM contacts auto-updates, set conversion goals, analyze live stats, APIs, and more.

Marketing is easy!

No more struggling with multiple tools and solutions! Find every required marketing solution here with lots of automation options and template libraries that’ll save you time and money. Enjoy code-free working and impress your clients with high-converting campaigns and showcase your success using in-depth reach, engagement, and conversion reports.
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    Solutions for Smarter Marketing

    Proven all-in-one SAAS platform for sufficing your every digital marketing need.

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    Manage multiple campaigns & target multichannels

    Use ready-to-use campaign templates, launch landing pages in minutes and schedule your email and SMS sendings in advance, and or use API-based auto-triggers.
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    Conversion goals & real-time detailed insights

    Have more control on conversions by utilizing conversion goals functionality. Track compared live results and implement timely improvements.

Effective targeting
with higher conversions

Real-time engagement & performance insights will let you take the right actions at the righ time.

No more coding! Create high-converting and engaging landing pages & email campaigns using ready-to-use templates in less than 10 minutes.
Enhance your marketing power & reach by using APIs-based automation options and campaign triggers.
Easily create dynamic or static niche segments of your Contact Lists and use CRM-tags to send personalized email, SMS and landing page campaigns.
Save tons on design development and execution using MainBrainer Save tons on design development and execution using MainBrainer

Main features

Our all-in-one platform offers you every product that you need to create, distribute and analyze your marketing campaigns, a user-friendly CRM interface, multi-channel distribution possibilities, API triggers, White labeling, Marketing automation, detailed insights & much more.

Everything you need

An all-in-one platform for meeting all your digital marketing needs from campaign DIY-editors, email and SMS marketing, CRM contacts management, marketing automation, conversion goals, real-time reports, & more.

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Cost effective

Choose a subscription plan that best suits your need and pay only for your usage. There will be no extra or hidden charges at all everything will be invoiced with accuracy and transparency. You can upgrade your subscription plan anytime.

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Accurate live insights

Detailed in-depth live insights will let you analyze reach, engagement and conversions with higher transparency & accuracy. Keep track of growth trends and the overall progress over time in order to take the right actions at the right time.

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Endless opportunities

Let us know more about your business and your marketing needs so, we can offer you the most cost-effective customized package deal. We are here to help and our sales team member will respond to your request within the next 24 hrs.

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Prakash Kattoli Managing Director Client of MainBrainer
"We are a Digital Agency that has our own clients, handling Campaign execution with Email & SMS, Landing Page Creations, and Reporting.
With MainBrainer we have a complete solution and are able to signup and setup new clients much more rapidly than in our past. Our ROI has increased a lot!"
Prakash Kattoli
Managing Director

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Save hours on design, development and automation, and execute your marketing campaigns faster & with fewer efforts.