SMS Insights

How to View Aggregate Analytics for SMS Sendings?

Using the Main Menu on the left, expand the Insights menu, and click SMS.

SMS campaign insights, insights menu. SMS is highlighted

The subsequent screen, by default, displays an overview of the SMS Sending KPIs and their values:

SMS insights overview. The overview tab is highlighted

As you scroll down this page, you’ll notice the following three sections:

1. The Overview section displays all the pinned KPIs with their values for your easy reference.

SMS campaign insights. Boxes of pinned KPIs

2. The Best Day to Send SMS, and the Best Time to Send SMS sections display the best day and time to send SMSs to your audience, i.e., the day and time when the customer engagement is the highest.

SMS insights overview. Diagram showing the best day and time for sending

3. The Aggregated SMS Insights section lists the SMS KPIs and their values for all your SMS Sendings to date.

SMS insights overview. Aggregated SMS insights last 30 days

Corresponding to each KPI, the absolute values are displayed under the column Total, and percentage values are displayed under the column Total %.

For easier identification of the metric ranges, we follow the following color-coding to highlight the different range values of the Status rates:

  • Status rates < 20% are highlighted in red font.
  • 40% < Status rates < 20% are highlighted in yellow font.
  • Status rates > 40% are highlighted in green font.

SMS Sending – Specific Analytics

If you wish to view the analytics for a particular SMS sending, use the SMS Sendings tab to navigate to the desired sending.

SMS insights overview. The SMS sendings tab is highlighted

The subsequent page displays all the KPIs and their real-time values for the selected SMS sending three different tabs:

SMS insights overview. SMS KPIs, recipients and distribution

1. SMS KPIs – The data under this tab highlights the specified SMS sending’s performance statistics in the last month.

2. Recipients – The data under this tab analyses the recipient details for the selected sending, for example, the demographic makeup of the recipients, percentage of unsubscribes, etc.

3. Distribution – The data under this tab graphically displays the distribution statistics for the selected SMS sending.

In case you set sending goals for an SMS campaign, color-coded icons promptly display which campaigns met their intended goals, and which ones didn’t.